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This Walmart deal on a bestselling, 3.5-pound stick vac plunges the price down to just $80 (that's 75% off)

Even pro cleaners swear by the 2-in-1 Inse Cordless Stick Vacuum, which transforms into a handheld.

Cleaning your floors with a vacuum that's on its last breath is like attempting to make a wedding cake in an Easy-Bake Oven; you'll have a much better outcome with the proper equipment. (Not to mention all of the frustration you'll be spared.) If your sucky sucker is ready to be put to rest, there's a gem of a Walmart deal you'd be wise to jump on: The bestselling, 3.5-pound Inse Cordless Stick Vacuum is down to — wait for it — $80 (from $320). Our recommendation? Scoop it up before this sale bites the dust!

We're not entirely sure what "Inse" stands for, but seeing as this 75% discount is nothing short of Inse-ane, we'll go with that. 

$80 at Walmart

Upon consulting our price trackers, it appears that this is the lowest this stick vac has ever dipped down to — it's 75% off! Even the least expensive Dyson stick vacuum at Walmart will run you $280 (and that's on sale), making this one a steal.

For many of us, cleaning isn't an activity we look forward to. And when you add having to push around a heavy, bulky vacuum into the mix? Yeah, no thanks. That's one of the reasons so many shoppers approve of the Inse Cordless Stick Vacuum. Given that its main motor weighs less than four pounds, it's one of the lighter models on the market (many stick vacs are in the 6- to 10-pound range). For even more convenience, you can remove its long tube and convert it into a handheld, because we all know how much crumbs just love making their way onto furniture and stairs.

Included are brush and crevice tools for dislodging matted-down pet hair and getting into nooks and crannies. A built-in cyclone filtration system helps minimize particles floating around your home, so you're getting a mini air purifier thrown in for good measure.

While it doesn't have the longest runtime (up to 40 minutes using standard mode and 20 minutes on Max), it'll certainly suffice for giving all of your floors a once-over before needing a charge — assuming you don't live in a McMansion.

As far as we're concerned, its cordless design is the way to go; no more tripping over cables or time spent plugging and unplugging every time you switch rooms. Oh, and speaking of not tripping, this vac comes with a wall mount so you can keep it off the floor (or from crashing down every time you open the closet).

someone using the vacuum as a handheld to clean crumbs off a couch / another person using the stick vacuum to clean dirt off a rug while smiling
Who knew a stick vacuum could make cleaning ... fun?! From the looks of that user on the right, this gizmo is practically a party! (Walmart)

An impressive 1,600 Walmart customers (and counting!) are dusting — er, lusting? — after the Inse Cordless Stick Vacuum. Okay, that might be a little extreme, but at any rate, they gave it a perfect five-stars.

"I own a housekeeping business," shared a cleaning professional. "Typically, these vacuums work great for a few weeks, and then they don't work so well. I waited a couple of months to write a review so it would be honest. This one has surprised me! It has held up wonderfully. It actually works so well, we can use it on hardwood and carpet."

"I have back problems, so getting this was great!" exclaimed another content cleaner. "I can now vacuum my floor's carpet without killing my back."

"This vacuum is awesome for pet hair," raved a dog parent. "We have an indoor black lab that’s constantly shedding, and it’s great for picking up the hair along with dirt/dust. I love the smaller motorized attachment for the furniture too."

"The only issue I have is there isn't quite enough room for your fingers on the grip," wrote an otherwise satisfied shopper. "This makes it very easy to hit the on/off switch." That said, they added, "I'm very happy with this product. It's maneuverable and light."

"The only thing I don't love is how easily the attachment part falls off," wrote a final fan. "But other than that, great product!"

From your floors to your furniture, this dirt-zapping demon is on a leave-no-crumbs-behind mission. 

$80 at Walmart

If stains are a concern, thousands of Walmart shoppers also recommend this Bissell carpet cleaner.

Whether you have pets, kids, grandkids or a coffee-loving spouse with butterfingers, this compact steam cleaner is up to the stain-busting task. It weighs less than 10 pounds, and its strong suction combined with a stain-targeting formula helps lift everything from mud to urine. 

"I was really skeptical about buying a wet vac for my couch, since it has been discolored so long," explained a convert. "I have dogs, so the dirt stains were really in the fabric. But it works wonders! ... The bottom half of the couch has been returned to its original cream white ... I cannot wait to do the rest of my couch! Instructions were super simple (and this is coming from someone who gets confused changing out batteries)."

$99 at Walmart

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