Tiffany Haddish declares she’s allowed behind wheel despite DUI arrest

Tiffany Haddish insists she is legally allowed behind the wheel despite her 2023 DUI arrest.
The 44-year-old comic was arrested hours after performing a late night comedy show on Thanksgiving day last year, with a watch commander for the Beverly Hills Police Department saying officers responded to a driver “asleep behind the wheel” on the road.
But she has now told her fans on Instagram: “I still have a valid drivers license.
“You know, in the state of California when you really get a for real DUI, they suspend your license when you blow over the limit… but if you’re not over the limit, your license is valid.
“My license is not suspended. It’s very valid, very, very valid.”
Tiffany added on an Instagram Live chat her driving rights were “restricted for only four days” after being lifted for allegedly driving while under the influence.
She added said she’s been suffering from endometriosis and checked into the Hippocrates Wellness Center in Florida at the start of this year.
Tiffany also revealed she has been sticking to the program’s strict diet of raw vegetables and fruit to help with her condition, adding: “If it’s still hurting after two months, I’ll be back to the meats.”
She said she has noticed a flatter stomach and more chiselled jaw line since changing her diet, adding: “If I keep looking fine as hell, I might just stick to it.”
Tiffany has also cut out drink and marijuana.
She was previously booked by cops in January 2022 in Georgia after cops received a call that a driver was dozing off on the road.
Her most recent collaring came early on 24 November for falling asleep in a car in Beverly Hills, California, hours after performing at a comedy show over the Thanksgiving break.
A watch commander for the Beverly Hills Police Department said at the time: “We responded to a call of a vehicle on the roadway at 5.45 this morning.”
He also noted officers were told the driver was “asleep behind the wheel”.
Page Six added sources said Tiffany’s car was “stopped in lanes of traffic” and not pulled over to the side, meaning any vehicles that were driving in the area at that time would have had to go around her car.
It is unclear who placed the call to police and whether it was one of the other drivers on the road.
The watch commander stressed there were “no traffic collisions”.
When Tiffany was lifted by police in 2022, police said the comic’s vehicle was pulled into the yard of a local residence.
TMZ added officers believed the stand-up comic had been under the influence of marijuana – and Tiffany later joked about the ordeal during an appearance on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’.
She said a few weeks after the incident: “I can say this, Jimmy – I’ve been praying to God to send me a new man. A good man… and God went ahead and sent me four… in uniform.”