Tiffiny Hall stuns in bikini as she shares 'secret' to 40kg transformation

Tiffiny Hall shared that she "feels amazing".

Tiffiny Hall has stunned her fans after sharing a bikini snap on Instagram, with the fitness star also sharing her 'secret' to her 40kg weight loss transformation.

The former Biggest Loser host and mum-of-two posed on a beach with a coconut in hand in a colourful bikini, showing off her incredible abs.

Tiffiny Hall in a bikini
Tiffiny Hall has stunned fans with a bikini snap and shared the 'secret' to her 40kg transformation. Photo: Instagram/tiffhall_xo

"My intention last January was to enjoy the journey back to fitness and feeling strong," she began the lengthy caption. "I [feel] amazing to be here, a year later having had so much fun with the love and support of my friends, family, trainers and the beautiful TXO community. It really is about the journey, not the destination."

She continued, "My secret was not focusing on the scales but rather aiming for non-scale victories – running my first KM, keeping up with my kids at the park, learning to squat again after my knee procedure, fitting into an old pair of jeans. Thank you for all your lovely messages of motivation and support throughout the year. It really kept me going. Looking forward to an epic 2024."


She encouraged others to sign up for her program, TXO Life, with her followers thanking her for the inspiration.

"You are so inspiring Tiff!" one follower commented. "It's so wonderful to follow your journey. As a mother myself my own fitness journey has been up and down but your honest and real posts always make me more determined! Thank you for sharing! Your smile is huge and your body looks so strong amazing effort!"

"You look amazing! What a transformation and inspiration to mums," another added.

Tiffiny Hall
It comes after Tiffiny shared a post earlier this month saying how proud she is of her body and the things it has allowed her to do. Photo: Instagram/tiffhall_xo

"I love this," a third said, while a fourth added, "You are INSPIRATIONAL."

It comes after Tiffiny shared a post earlier this month saying how proud she is of her body and the things it has allowed her to do.

"I’m so proud of my body and what it’s done for me over the years but I’ve been so self-conscious of my loose skin at the beach," she wrote. "I know it’s silly but these feelings have come up and I wanted to share.

"This year I’m determined to not let it worry me – 2 babies and 40 kgs down, my loose skin is my battle scar I’m determined to embrace. Loose skin is a part of life and it’s one of those things when you really think about it, you wonder whyyyy do I even care at all?!"

Tiffiny Hall before and after
Tiffiny shared this snap last year showing the changes her body has been through. Photo: Instagram/tiffhall_xo

Tiffiny added that she has loved the program she created for mums and asked who else will be embracing their loose skin this year.


Fans loved the post, with one user writing, "I have it too plus dimples after growing and birthing 3 babies under 4 years. It's a privilege to have this skin so let's be proud!! There are so many women who would love to have our stretchy skin from having a baby. We are blessed to have it. Keep on being amazing and inspiring."

"Yep, I’ve had 6 babies, and I’ve lost the weight, but there is loose skin. It is what it is," another added.

"Yesss! This is my second summer wearing bike shorts to the gym and they’re here to stay - cellulite thighs and all I’ve been left with after weight loss and 2 kids," a third wrote.

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