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Calling all bookworms! These two Kindle accessories will take your reading to the next level

remote page turner, tablet holder
You can finally read hands-free with these techy gadgets. (Photo: Amazon)

If you're an avid reader, you know having a Kindle is a game changer. Having thousands of books at your fingertips is life-altering enough, but bookworms on TikTok have been plugging two tablet accessories that will take your reading to the next level. User @pilotpilotjames has racked up over 57,000 likes on his video showcasing his gooseneck tablet stand holder and remote control page turner, which allows him to read his favorite books hands-free. That’s right; you can finally get lost in a good read and keep your arms and hands nice and warm snuggled up under a blanket. "Some people call it lazy… I call it working smarter, not harder," said the TikToker.

You can read your favorite book or watch a movie on your tablet hands-free with this gooseneck stand holder.
$16 at Amazon

The first gadget you need to achieve this transformative way of reading is the Magipea Tablet Stand Holder. It features a sturdy aluminum-magnesium alloy cord that’s 30 inches long and fully adjustable. You can twist it in every direction, and if you’re using it to hold a heavier tablet, you can loop the gooseneck into an S or Z shape for added stability.

The base clamp has protective skid pads on both sides of it to keep it in place and prevent it from scratching the desk or table it’s attached to. While the upper bracket can adjust itself to fit Kindles, iPads, smartphones, Nintendo Switches and tablets alike. It's available in black and white, and thousands of Amazon shoppers are calling it a “must-have.”

“I am a huge hermit, and I love being able to read snuggled up in bed,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “But holding up my Kindle tablet all the time was uncomfortable. This tablet holder is a miracle, and I absolutely love it! It holds my Kindle Fire 8 HD perfectly and I can read comfortably in bed, and if I fall asleep while reading I don’t have to worry about dropping my tablet on my face! Highly recommend to all my lazy bookworms and people who like to stream on their tablets.”

Flip the pages of your book or take hands-free photos on your phone with this remote-controled device.
$34 at Amazon

Once you’ve got your tablet holder, the next thing you need is a Remote Control Page Turner. Each one comes with a clip-on device that attaches to the side of your Kindle, and every time you click the button on the remote it will activate the device’s sensor to turn the page on your tablet. “It’s freaking fantastic,” said @pilotpilotjames.

Both the clip and the remote can be recharged by a USB cord. The clip’s battery can last up to 15 days at a time, and the remote should last you two months on a single charge! The remote has a mute button, so it won’t make noise if you don’t want it to, and it comes with a removable lanyard to attach it to your wrist. Even better, it works on any touchscreen device — meaning you can use the it to take hands-free photos on your phone too.

One happy shopper raved: “Everyone who is reading books digitally needs one of these to make it easier on the neck. I cannot tell you how many book groups I have talked about this product with, even buying it as a gift for friends. AMAZING!”

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