Tilda Swinton presented with award in recognition of advocacy of film heritage

Actress Tilda Swinton said it was a “profound honour” to be presented with a prestigious award for her advocacy of film heritage at a ceremony in Glasgow on Monday.

The International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF) presented its annual award to Swinton at a ceremony in the National Library of Scotland at Kelvin Hall.

FIAF is a global organisation dedicated to the preservation of moving image heritage.

She was recognised for her work on the preservation and promotion of archive film, film history and women’s role in it and the importance of film archives worldwide.

Tilda Swinton
Tilda Swinton accepts the annual FIAF award at a ceremony in Glasgow (Neil Hanna/PA)

“To be recognised by FIAF, a body whose work I admire so much, is a profound honour,” Swinton said.

“The diligence with which they bend our attention to the essential foundation to world culture laid by our cinema legacy is something for which I am sincerely grateful,” she said.

“It has long been my view that cinema is our chance: I believe that, in opening our eyes to a wide, wild screen, it has the capacity to transform our hearts and our minds, our sense of belonging and our capacity to feel compassion for humanity.

“In protecting and elevating the roots of our film culture FIAF encourages our fellowship and faith and very probably our ability to visualise a cinema of the future.

“I am beyond proud to have any opportunity to reflect and champion their work and if accepting this honour can help in any way, I am in, with bells on.”

FIAF president Frederic Maire said Swinton was one of the most important personalities in contemporary cinema.

“Over the years, she has advocated for the preservation and enhancement of film heritage, including publicly supporting the work of film archives, and promoting restored films,” he said.

“By accepting this award, Swinton honours the international moving image archive community.”

National Librarian and chief executive of the National Library of Scotland, Amina Shah said: “We were delighted to host this award ceremony in recognition of Tilda Swinton’s achievements.

“As the home of Scotland’s moving image archive, we place great value in the preservation and promotion of our film and documentary heritage.

“Despite her illustrious career in cinema, Tilda Swinton has made time to pursue advocacy work. This award is much deserved and we offer huge congratulations.”