It's time for a full rundown of Jason and Kylie Kelce's relationship timeline

jason and kylie relationship timeline
Jason Kelce & Kylie Kelce's relationship timelineCooper Neill - Getty Images

I know we're all understandably caught up in the Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift of it all, but the time has come to turn our attention to the other NFL couple who have newly carved out space in our collective hearts: Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce.

These two have been together forever, have three cute children, and their love language appears to be "mutual trolling," something we can all respect. And while Jason and Kylie were already A-list famous to people who watch the NFL (cannot relate), they've reached a much broader audience in the last few months. So yes, it's time to become an expert on their relationship. Specifically by reading all about it in timeline format!

Psst: this is in chronological order so scroll down for the latest.


Jason and Kylie go on their first date after meeting on Tinder. Behold, his absolutely incredible profile, which includes a line about his love for cuddling.

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And despite Jason falling asleep on a bar table 45 minutes into their date, Kylie stays smitten! As he put it, "I was sober enough to know it was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen in my life."

A photo of Jason sleeping during their date is actually included in the Kelce doc (which we'll get to in a moment), so here ya go:

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Amazon Prime

11 November, 2015

Kylie and Jason go Instagram official, and it's all very cute.

4 February, 2016

Jason and Kylie head to Hawaii!

9 May, 2016

And then Kylie calls Jason her #MCM. It was 2016, after all.

18 July, 2016

We're blessed with a shirtless pic. Of course, those of us who watched Jason during the Chiefs playoffs are more than familiar with his shirtless vibes.

5 November, 2016

Kylie celebrates Jason's birthday and says she "wouldn't want anyone else by my side."

10 July, 2017

Kylie and Jason lounge on the beach again:

7 August, 2017

Kylie supports Jason through the playoffs, because he happens to be an extremely famous NFL player and whatnot.

5 February, 2018

The Eagles win the Super Bowl, a massive accomplishment for Jason.

14 April, 2018

Kylie and Jason get married!

TBD on when Jason's proposal went down, but apparently it involved him claiming he was pooping? IDK. Help.

26 July, 2018

Kylie gives us a glimpse at her romantic down time with Jason during the off season:

14 April, 2019

These two celebrate their 1-year wedding anniversary!

12 May, 2019

And a month later, they reveal they're expecting a baby.

3 October, 2019

The couple announce the arrival of their first daughter, Wyatt!

4 February, 2020

Kylie, Jason, and Wyatt celebrate Uncle Trav playing in the Super Bowl.

14 April , 2020

Kylie shares footage of her wedding, where the officiant tells anyone who has reason to believe they shouldn't get married to "shut the f**k up." Incredible work.

4 March, 2021

Jason and Kylie announce the arrival of their second daughter, Elliotte!

23 February, 2023

And about two years later they welcome another daughter, baby Bennett!

25 July, 2023

Kylie celebrates Jason during the off season, saying, "This off-season proved yet again how your drive and work ethic are absolutely remarkable. We can’t wait to see the results of that this season. As always, your ladies will be cheering you on every step of the way! 💕"

7 September, 2023

Jason reveals Kylie is...much more romantic than he is during a truly charming New Heights clip:

12 September, 2023

Kelce, a documentary about Jason, debuts on Amazon Prime. And Jason's life at home is prominently featured.


15 September, 2023

Kylie talks about the best and most annoying thing about living with Jason:

2 January, 2024

Kylie reacts to Jason being named one of the Sexiest Men Alive. (FACT.)

9 January, 2024

Kylie tells the important story of the time Jason left her to fend for herself in shark infested waters.

21 January, 2024

Jason goes shirtless at the Chiefs game and Kylie is just like...sigh.

"[Kylie] was already telling me to be on my best behaviour because we were meeting Taylor," he says on New Heights. "So she's like, 'Do on your best behaviour.' I was like, 'Kylie the first day I met you I was blacked out drunk and fell asleep in the bar. This is part of the charm. This is part of the Jason Kelce charm. I wanna make my best first impression, this is my best chance! Set the bar nice and low."

28 January, 2024

The couple is spotted celebrating with Taylor Swift when Travis wins the AFC Championship Game:

11 February, 2024

Of course, Kylie and Jason made their way to Vegas to support Travis and the Chiefs at the Super Bowl. They hung out in the star-studded suite along with the Kelces, Taylor Swift (and her parents!), Blake Lively, Miles Teller, Ice Spice, Lana Del Rey, and more.

Fans even pointed out Kylie's commitment to only wearing Philadelphia Eagles gear (aka the team Jason plays for) as she wore a red Cincinnati Bearcats shirt for the game.

Annnnd that brings us up to date! More updates will be added as they happen because we. are. invested.

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