Tina Turner tried to end life by swallowing 50 sleeping pills

Tina Turner tried to take her life by swallowing 50 sleeping pills.
The ‘Proud Mary’ singer, whose death aged 83 at her $76 million Swiss compound was announced by her team on Wednesday (24.05.23), attempted suicide after her abusive former husband and music Ike Turner cheated on her with three women in the same night.
Tina, born Anna Mae Bullock – who recently told how she suffered PTSD due to her nightmarish 16-mmarriage to the violent cocaine addict – told the tale of how she snapped “on an ordinary day in 1968” in her haunting memoir ‘My Love Story’, saying: “For starters, there were three women at the house at the time, and Ike was having sex with all of them. Three of us were named Ann – which meant he only had to remember one name.
“One of the Anns, Ann Thomas, was pregnant with his child – another insult to me.
“Everything was diminishing – my status, my confidence, my world. One night, just before a gig, I simply couldn’t take any more and swallowed 50 sleeping pills.”
Tina ended up being rushed to hospital where her stomach was pumped – and the next day Ike came to the hospital and told her: “’You should die, you motherf*****,’” before immediately forcing her back to work.
She added about the suicide attempt being a turning point for her: “I knew my suicide attempt hadn’t been a classic cry for help: I’d chosen death.
“Yet I never tried killing myself again, because I came out of the darkness believing that I was meant to survive. I was here for a reason.”
Tina filed for divorce from Ike, who died in 2007 aged 76, in 1976 and it was finalised two years later.