Tiny street sign detail amuses locals prompting council to step in

Residents were quick to point out the error on the sign in Sydney's southwest with council admitting a mistake was was made.

Left: Banskstown street sign for Kitchener Parade. Right: Cars in traffic on busy road.
The street sign in Sydney's southwest had a very obvious error. Source: Reddit

An Australian council has leapt into action after being made aware of a glaring error on a street sign —an 'embarrassing' blunder that's left residents both confused and amused.

The sign appeared on the corner of Rickard Road and Kitchener Parade in Sydney's southwest. But instead of "Pde," which is short for "parade," the street sign says "Kitchener Rde" instead.

The Canterbury Bankstown council confirmed to Yahoo News Australia that an error had been made. "The correct spelling is ‘KITCHENER PDE’, not RDE," a spokesperson said.

"Council is aware of the minor error and the street sign for Kitchener Parade will be replaced [on Friday] morning," they added.

Road sign blunder labelled 'an embarrassment'

The error, while small, didn't go unnoticed by eagle-eyed residents, with one snapping a photo before sharing it on social media. "I thought Parade was meant to be Pde? Is Rde a mistake?" they questioned on reddit.

The road sign blunder left some in stitches with one admitting it's "such an embarrassment". "They had one job," the commenter added.

"You just know that the person who put it up probably noticed this, but couldn't be [bothered]," another said. While some had fun with the error and suggested RDE was short for "rarade, in honour of Scooby Doo".

"Everywhere online has it as Parade or Pde," one person pointed out, confirming it's an error. "The audacity," another simply wrote.

Previously, locals were quick to point out a glaring error on a sign erected at a beach in Sydney, prompting the council to swoop in and make changes.

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