Tom Arnold opens up about losing 75 pounds and being five years sober

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Tom Arnold has opened up about losing 75 pounds and being five years sober.
The ‘Roseanne’ actor, 63, said he made the changes after suffering a mini-stroke and massive organ failure.
He told Us Weekly: “It all started in January. I was giving the kids a bath and turned around to count to 10 when suddenly my vision in my right eye went black as if there was a curtain coming down over my eye.
“I had a mini-stroke. I checked into the hospital for the 24-hour stroke protocol.”
Tom said the fear of leaving his children behind pushed him to find a life coach that helped make a difference in his health.
He added: “As a 63-year-old single father of a nine and six-year-old, it was scary.
“On top of all this, I had massive organ failure two years ago. My doctor changed my medication, but I knew I needed to make bigger changes because I really dropped the ball on self-care.”
Tom also celebrated five years of sobriety on Friday (15.07.22), taking to Instagram to reflect on the milestone.
He told fans beneath a photo of himself with his kids on a beach: “I’m 5 years clean and sober today. 5 years of being present everyday for my kids. I’ve also been my best self dealing with a couple health cares, financial issues and a high conflict divorce.”
Tom, who finalised his divorce from Ashley Groussman in 2020 and who has been married to Roseanne Barr, added: “I’m blessed and full of love and gratitude for my friends, fellow alcoholics and the grace of G-d.”

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