Tom Brady squashes NFL comeback rumor, says he's busy helping his daughter raise a kitten

Ever since Tom Brady announced his retirement on Feb. 1, rumors have been swirling about him doing the exact same thing he did last year: unexpectedly un-retiring shortly after hanging up his helmet and cleats.

Brady addressed these rumors on Tuesday after Rich Eisen brought Brady up on his show, saying that the No. 1 rumor he heard at the NFL combine last week was that Brady "might not be done."

So what did Brady say? What was his totally serious comment about this totally serious rumor? He's too busy helping his daughter take care of a 2-month-old kitten they've adopted.

He's not making this up. Brady posted a pic of the kitty on an Instagram Story last week, with a caption that implied he's been a little annoyed with its behavior.

Eagle-eyed readers might notice one important thing missing from Brady's tweet: an actual denial. He implied that he's not coming back, but he never actually said "I am not planning a comeback and will stay retired from the NFL permanently."

But saying that on Twitter isn't nearly as fun as being playful and indirect. Besides, even if he actually said those words, people would still wonder if he'd try to make a comeback. When you play until you're 45, expect to hear people say "oh come on, you could still hack it in the NFL!" until you're at least 60.

Billy Porter and cast member Tom Brady attend a premiere for the film
Tom Brady says he's too busy to return to the NFL because he's helping his daughter take care of their newly adopted 2-month-old kitten. (REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)