Tom Hanks asks son Chet Hanks to explain the Drake vs Kendrick Lamar feud to him: 'Who’s winning??'

"Holy cow!"

Celebrities: they’re just like us! They also have to walk their parents through the ongoing Drake vs Kendrick Lamar feud… Even when that parent is Tom Hanks.

Over a series of Instagram story posts, Chet Hanks, 33, revealed some recent text messages exchanged with his dad, 67, who needed a quick crash course on the increasingly dramatic rap beef. Naturally, the father of four turned to one of his children to get the details.

In the first of the screenshots from Chet, his father — saved in his phone as “Pops” — kicked things off by messaging him, “Big Main, can you explain the Drake/Kendrick Lamar feud to me?”

Chet obliged, offering the Saving Private Ryan actor a detailed explanation of the conflict between the two rappers, including a play-by-play of their diss track exchange ranging from Drake’s “First Person Shooter” to Lamar’s “Not Like Us.”

<p>Frazer Harrison/Getty; Dia Dipasupil/Getty; Kevin Winter/Getty</p>

Frazer Harrison/Getty; Dia Dipasupil/Getty; Kevin Winter/Getty

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Recounting the origins of the dispute, Chet explained, “So Drake and this other dude J Cole been saying they along with Kendrick are the ‘Big 3’ in Rap. Then Kendrick put out a song saying, ‘F--- the Big 3, it’s just big ME’ initiating the beef.”

Chet, who dabbles in rap himself, continued: “Then Drake was like, ‘you got small feet cuz you’re like 5 foot 5 or whatever.’ And then Kendrick was like, ‘you’re a dead beat dad’ and made fun of his Canadian accent.”

<p>Chet Hanks/Instagram</p>

Chet Hanks/Instagram

<p>Chet Hanks/Instagram</p>

Chet Hanks/Instagram

While he acknowledged that Drake responded with the diss track “Family Matters,” Chet spoke highly of Lamar’s successive releases, “6:16 in L.A.” and “Meet the Grahams,” and had even more praise for his final diss, “Not Like Us.”

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He wrote, “Literally like 30 seconds later Kendrick put out a diss overshadowing Drakes diss where he pretty much methodically dismantled Drakes entire psyche.” The younger Hanks told his Academy-Award winning father that it was “pretty much the sonic equivalent of when you took me to your high school in Oakland and we walked in on the basketball game and everybody started going nuts.”

He added, “Like if you heard it you would just automatically know how to Crip walk with a stank face while clutching an Oscar in each hand with Marshawn Lynch. Then dap him up and tell him ‘Town Bidness’ which solidified the win not only for Kendrick but the entire West Coast.”

<p>Amy Sussman/Getty</p>

Amy Sussman/Getty

As anyone who has ever texted a parent won’t be surprised to learn, this info dump didn’t quite come together for Tom, who seemed incredulous after reading the block of text.

“Holy cow!” he wrote back. “These are fighting words. People taking sides?? Who’s winning??”

With three cry-laughing emojis Chet replied, “Did you not just read what I said.”

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In Tom’s defense, the long-gestating rap beef has a lot of moving parts. Chet didn’t delve too deep into the secret baby allegations or Taylor Swift references nor did he bother to reference Drake’s final rebuttal, "The Heart Part 6,"  Since that track, the feud between the two-hip hop titans has come to a pause — leaving Tom Hanks plenty of time to catch up in case there’s another release on the way.

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