Tommy Fury vows to end Jake Paul's boxing career

Tommy Fury has vowed to end Jake Paul's boxing career.
The YouTuber-turned-boxer is scheduled to face Tommy, 23, in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, on Sunday (26.02.23) - but Tommy is convinced that it'll be the last fight of his career.
He said: "I'm ready to deal with this man, this is a public service announcement going out for everybody - this man won't box again, this will be the last time you see Jake Paul in the ring against a true professional anyway."
Jake, 26, is undefeated as a professional fighter, having won all six of his fights.
But Tommy - who is the half-brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury - thinks he's vastly superior to any of Jake's previous opponents.
He said: "I'm going to show him things that he's never seen before."
Tommy - who starred on the UK version of 'Love Island' in 2019 - is also undefeated as a professional fighter.
And he's convinced that his fight with Jake will be a one-sided affair.
He explained to Sky Sports: "Jake doesn't know what's coming to him. If he's been studying my past fights, it's going to be completely different on the night.
"Boxing is about skill and class and this man doesn't have any of it and I have a lot of it, and I'm going to bring him to school on Sunday."
By contrast, BJ Flores - Jake's trainer - recently claimed that the former Disney star will be "demolishing" Tommy when they step into the ring.
He said: "Tommy's got some really good attributes. He's got hand speed and he's been around the boxing ring for a long time, but I feel like he's in with just a better athlete.
"Jake punches harder, he's smarter, has a higher boxing IQ and I feel like he does a lot of things that will give Tommy a lot of problems."