Top 10 Baywatch babes of all time

Austrian priest and physicist August Musge invented the slow-motion effect in 1904... But Baywatch perfected it. All credit goes, needless to say, to the gorgeous actresses that gracefully ran on the beach for our viewing pleasure in every episode of the show. So here’s our tribute to the top ten Baywatch babes of all time... May they run in slow-mo forever!

Pamela Anderson - C.J. Parker (1992–1997)
Even if you’ve never watched an episode of Baywatch in your life (something that can be easily fixed courtesy of 7mate), you surely know who Pamela Anderson is – if not, welcome to the XXI century person from the XVI century who managed to travel in time and even figured out how to use a computer. This mega-babe from Canada has only one flaw… Her terrible taste in men: Tommy Lee, Bret Michaels and Kid Rock, really?

Carmen Electra - Lani McKenzie (1997–1998)
Tara Leigh Patrick, better known as Carmen Electra, is famous for playing Lani McKenzie on Baywatch – Ok, also for her numerous appearances in Playboy magazine. Her character was so popular, that even though she left the show in 1998, Electra returned for the made-for-TV movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding. Electra and Anderson have one thing in common (besides the other ‘obvious things’ they have in common, of course): they both love rock-stars. Electra first married (and then divorced) Jane's Addiction’s Dave Navarro, and then she got engaged with Rob Patterson, from the metal band Otep.

Traci Bingham - Jordan Tate (1996–1998)
The beautiful Traci Bingham comes from Cambridge (the town in Massachusetts, not the university in the UK, by the way). Her character on Baywatch, Traci Bingham, saw her become the object of desire of millions of TV fans who devotedly decorated their bedrooms with posters of her. Bingham is an active member of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and has appeared in their "I'd Rather Be Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign – for the record, we totally agree with that!

Erika Eleniak - Shauni McClain (1989–1992)
Who can forget the sexy-bomb Shauni McLain? Erika Eleniak’s character on Baywatch embodies every single quality attached to the “California Girl” stereotype. True, later in her career she had to join a reality TV show for overweight celebs – but hey, at least she managed to shed the kilos and ended up looking as hot as ever. In 2004, Eleniak starred in Dracula 3000, a film that finds the famous Count sucking blood in outer-space – anyone who manages to keep a straight-face while acting in a movie as crappy as that deserves a standing ovation. Well done Eleniak!

Brooke Burns - Jessie Owens (1998–2000)
Brooke Burns jumped to stardom after playing Jessie Owens on Baywatch. According to an interview she gave U Magazine in 2008 , the Farrelly brothers wrote a role especially for her in the film Shallow Hal, because she was the “dorkiest, pretty girl that they have ever met”. Wow. And just to make Owens even more perfect, after a diving accident in 2005, she got a titanium plate in her neck. A titanium plate! She’s like a superhero. Like the hot, sexy, female version of Wolverine!

Donna D’Errico - Donna Marco (1996–1998)
Born in Dothan, Alabama, Donna D’Errico graced TV screens around the world from 1996 to 1998 as Baywatch’s Donna Marco. As to why the screenwriters decided to use her real name for the character, we have two theories: either they thought the name was really hot, or she was never able to get rid of the blank look on her face every time someone called her by another name. D’Errico (also known as Miss September 1995), also jumped on the “let’s marry a crazy, unstable rock musician (extra points if he’s from Mötley Crüe)” bandwagon and wedded Nikki Sixx – author of the ‘existentialist’ novel The Heroin Diaries. They divorced in 2007.

Nicole Eggert - Summer Quinn (1992-1994)
Another Baywatch babe who ended up on a reality TV show for overweight celebs… Unlike Erika Eleniak, though, Eggert ended up gaining weight instead of losing it. Who cares? One glance at her as the gorgeous Summer Quinn on Baywatch is enough to make you dream of her for a year. P.S. We believe it’s important to mention some of the movie titles in Eggert’s filmography because... Oh well, because they’re awesome. Check them out: Annihilator, The Demolitionist, Amanda and the Alien and, wait for it, Pink as the Day She Was Born – standing ovation, please.

Yasmine Bleeth - Caroline Holden (1994–1997)
Baywatch princess Yasmine Bleeth was ranked No. 11 on People magazine’s ‘50 Most Beautiful People’ list in 1995 – she was also featured in many other “sexiest women alive” lists around the world during her time on Baywatch. No surprises there: this New York beauty gives the word “stunner” a whole new meaning! By the way, did you know that Beelth went on to marry a strip-club owner? Talk about a man who has it all!

Gena Lee Nolin - Neely Capshaw (1995–1998)
If a girl has been on both, The Price is Right as one of the beauties and Baywatch, you know she is hot. And Gena Lee Nolin is not the exception. Lee Nolin took over the role of Neely Capshaw after Heather Campbell left the show – the producers’ logic probably was: “if we substitute one extremely hot blonde with great attributes with another extremely hot blonde with great attributes no one is going to notice”. They even tried the same trick a third time with Jennifer Campbell when Lee Nolin left. Well, we did notice!!! It’s just that we didn’t care.

Stacy Kamano - Kekoa Tanaka (1999–2001)
All the way from Honolulu, Stacey Kamano joined the cast of Baywatch Hawaii in 1999 and immediately became a fan-favourite – no wonder why. This stunner also appeared in the made-for-TV film Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding. Kamano’s mother is of German, Russian and Polish descent, and her father is Japanese – and, just so you know, that’s what it takes to produce a once-in-a-lifetime beauty like her.