Tory MP Who Lost His Hands And Feet To Sepsis Receives Ovation As He Returns To Commons

MPs stand to applaud as Craig Mackinlay returns to the Commons.
MPs stand to applaud as Craig Mackinlay returns to the Commons. UK Parliament

A Tory MP who had his hands and feet amputated after contracting sepsis has received a standing ovation from MPs on his first day back in parliament.

Craig Mackinlay was given just a 5% chance of survival after falling ill last September.

The South Thanet MP said he wants to become known as “the bionic MP” after receiving prosthetics to replace his lost limbs.

He told the BBC: “It’s very easy to say - and I do try and stick to it - there’s not much point moaning and complaining or getting down about the things you can’t do.

“You’ve got to be cheerful and positive about things you can do and I find every day there’s something new that I can do.”

Mackinlay received his minute-long ovation when he entered the Commons shortly before prime minister’s questions.

He appeared to fight back tears as he looked up at the public gallery, where his family and some of the NHS staff who treated him were watching.

After being called to ask the last question by Speaker Lindsay Hoyle, the MP said it was “an emotional day” and apologised for breaking Commons rules by wearing trainers not wearing a jacket, because it would not fit over his bionic arms.

He also thanked Rishi Sunak for visiting him many times in hospital, and paid tribute to the NHS staff who “took me from close to death to where I am today”.