Tory MPs ‘laugh’ as Starmer tells of Iceland worker’s struggle to pay mortgage

The Labour leader has accused the Conservatives of laughing at an Iceland employee who is struggling to pay his mortgage.

Sir Keir Starmer started Prime Minister’s Questions today (31 January), saying: “This week I met one of the employees at Iceland in Warrington, Phil.”

After being interrupted by heckling during his question in the Commons, Sir Keir said: “Laughing at an employee at Iceland who’s struggling with his mortgage, shame.

“He told me that his mortgage is going up by a staggering £1,000 a month, Prime Minister.

Mr Sunak replied: “Thanks to this Government, Phil and millions of other workers, not just at Iceland but across the country, are benefitting this month in their pay packet for a tax cut worth £100s for someone on an average salary.”