Tradie's warning after disgusting eruption outside home: 'A big no no'

The plumber commented on how terrible the poo smell was.

A tradie has warned Aussies of the risk that one simple act can have on their home, and on their wallet, with a recent callout to a property which ended with him being sprayed in "chocolate milk".

On Thursday the plumber admittedly faced the hardest sewage blockage of his career and was stunned to find wet wipes, dried up rags and socks clogging the pipe after residents disposed of them down their toilet. Alongside his team, the tradies had to dig away at the foul-smelling blockage in an attempt to loosen it.

"These tenants love to use wet ones and you're going to see why wet wipes are a big, big, big no no," he said online before being "shattered, sprayed, covered" in human waste. "It was absolutely hard as a rock and the smell, you don't do plumbing for the smell."

Left, the tradie issued a poo warning after human waste erupted outside the property. Right, human waste and dirt swells up out of the drain in the driveway.
The tradie's poo warning was issued after he had to unblock the hardest sewage blockage of his career after residents had flushed unwanted items down the toilet. Source: TikTok

Aussies warned to only 'flush the three'

Flushing items down the toilet is known to cause blockages and create havoc to sewage systems but water suppliers in Aussie cities continuously contend with unwanted items which are flushed down toilets.

Sydney Water remove hundreds of tonnes of kitchen waste and unwanted bathroom products every year, with wet wipes being one of the most recognised culprits for blockages.

Left, the blockage is held up beside the sewage to show its size. Right, the blockage on the driveway.
Wet wipes, rags and socks made a blockage in the property's sewage system. Source: TikTok

On the same day as the plumber highlighted the issue, Sydney Water also posted a video demonstrating the sheer volume of unwanted products they collect during the various stages of the city's water management.

"Although the things you flush may escape your home’s plumbing, once down the drain, they can clump together and cause serious blockages," it wrote online. "To avoid a nasty surprise in your pipes, only flush the three Ps: pee, poo and (toilet) paper."

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