The Traitors’ banished contestant reveals thinking behind backfired plan

The latest Traitors contestant to be banished has revealed the thinking behind their backfired plan.

*Spoilers for the latest episode of The Traitors follow – you have been warned.*

The second series of the BBC’s hit reality show, where contestants must trick and deceive each other for the chance to win their share of up to £120,000, is nearly coming to a close. In it, a group of Traitors have to choose a Faithful player to be “murdered” and eliminated from the show each night.

Ross was recruited into the Traitors by Harry and Andrew at the end of episode nine, but since he was secretly the son of murdered player Diane, he wanted to avenge her “death” and tear them down from the inside.

However, it quickly became clear that Ross would be the Traitors’ scapegoat at the next round table.

Ross tried to save himself by trying to stab Andrew in the back, but at the roundtable, Andrew pulled out his best GCSE drama skills and denied that he would ever speak the word “elusive”.

This gave Harry ammunition at the round table, and both of Ross’s fellow Traitors accused him of being a liar, which backed up the suspicions held by the Faithful contestants, who had all started pointing their fingers at Ross.

Appearing on the chat show The Traitors: Uncloaked, alongside host Ed Gamble and guest Elizabeth Day, Ross revealed the idea behind his failed master plan.

“The plan was to cause chaos in the ranks, have Andrew on my side and get Harry’s name out there," Ross explained. "[Harry’s] so solid, he’s got such a sweet face on him. He’s baby Harry.

“There was a plan but I had 12 hours to sort the plan out so I was trying to pit them against each other.”

Ross revealed he had underestimated Andrew’s lying skills and was shocked at the round table.

“I didn’t realise Andrew was so cottoned on that Harry was probably gonna murder him at some point. He’s not the type, he’s such a lovable, friendly giant,” Ross said.

Ross explaining his foiled plan to avenge his mother’s death (BBC)
Ross explaining his foiled plan to avenge his mother’s death (BBC)

Diane, Ross’s mother, who was eliminated from the show last week, also appeared on Uncloaked to discuss how the pair kept their relationship a secret from the rest of the contestants on the show.

Ross said that he thought that he initially presumed he’d find it hard not to call Diane “mum” in front of the other contestants, but he quickly adapted to their new environment.

“It was genuinely surprisingly easy,” Ross said. “I thought that during the challenges, I might go into autopilot and shout ‘Mum’”.

Diane on ‘The Traitors’ (BBC)
Diane on ‘The Traitors’ (BBC)

Ed Gamble then revealed that the production crew working at The Traitors castle had been referring to the pair as “The Supremes” during the filming process, while fans of the pair had lovingly named them “Diana Ross”.

The Traitors continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One.