Traitors fans express hopes for Harry and ‘clued-up’ Jaz ahead of final episode

The Traitors series finale has arrived, with five remaining contestants left to play the ultimate psychological game of trust in hopes of bagging the prize.

The second series of the BBC’s hit reality show, where contestants try to find the traitors who are “murdering” them to stop them from winning prize money of up to £120,000, is coming to a close on Friday (26 January).

On the show, a group of Traitors have to choose a Faithful player to be “murdered” and eliminated from the show each night.

So far, five contestants have survived every banishment and murder in Claudia Winkleman’s castle of treachery.

The remaining five include Andrew (Traitor), Jaz (Faithful), Mollie (Faithful), Harry (Traitor), and Evie (Faithful).

The remaining five for the Traitors season finale (BBC/Studio Lambert/Paul Chappells)
The remaining five for the Traitors season finale (BBC/Studio Lambert/Paul Chappells)

The show’s latest episode had fans raging after Zack was murdered by remaining Traitors, Harry and Andrew, leaving Jasmine to fend for herself at the round table, before being banished.

Jasmine was eliminated based on a theory by Zack that neither she nor Ross (who was banished) knew that Harry had acquired a shield in that episode's challenge, and therefore had unsuccessfully tried to murder him – a theory that was not true, as Harry had used the shield as cover to recruit Ross as a Traitor.

Now, viewers have been coming up with their own theories ahead of the much-anticipated final.

Writing on X/Twitter, one viewer said: “Now that Jasmine has been shown to be faithful, Evie HAS to think that it is Harry (since everyone else knew Harry had the shield). So she speaks to Jaz about it, who already has his suspicion. They bring this up at the Roundtable and Andrew sees his chance to win solo.”

Jaz unearthed a huge theory about the Traitors in episode nine, when he opened up about his suspicions of Harry with Zack and Evie.

“My Winner: Jaz (Faithful). For a number of reasons: He sussed out Ross Andrew Harry & Ash as Traitors from early on in the game. He’s very clued up and seems like the only faithful who’s understood the whole game. Hope he lets rip on Harry now,” one fan wrote on X/Twitter.

During episode nine, Jaz spoke to some of the Faithfuls and explained that Harry must be a Traitor after a conversation he had with now-known Traitor Paul.

Jaz had shared something with Harry and a few others in confidence, information that was soon revealed to Paul. Paul then went back to Jaz and said: “You went to Harry and said If I get killed [referring to Jaz], you’ll have to go for Paul.” Recalling the moment, Jaz then tells the Faithfuls: “And I’m thinking to myself, I did say that. I told three people these, Jasmine, Ross and Harry.”

“Jasmine kept the loyalty, Ross kept the loyalty and didn’t tell anyone.” Jaz then deduced that the only way Paul would know, would be if Harry told him at a Traitors’ meeting.

Harry has so far played the game well, masking who he really is, but can Jaz convince the others and take him down?

Taritor Harry has made it to the finals (BBC/Studio Lambert)
Taritor Harry has made it to the finals (BBC/Studio Lambert)

“If Jaz manages to expose Harry for being a Traitor in the final it will be TV gold #TheTraitors,” another user commented on X.

One more viewer wrote: “Honestly if either of these two come away winning I’ll be happy. Jaz has been so switched on and the only faithful with any intelligence & Andrew is such a nice guy who only became a traitor to stay in the game.”

Speaking to BBC ahead of the finals, Harry said he is “mind-blown” that he made it this far and said he’s got “lucky with my fellow players, the Faithfuls and Traitors around me, because it all depends on them, the game can change at any minute.”

He continued: “So not only is it all down to your gameplay, but there’s a lot of luck involved as well and a lot of how people handle conversations and how they hold themselves. Obviously, I’ve been super lucky with everyone playing around me as their games intertwined with mine, and I’ve come this far.”

Fan favourite, Jaz told the outlet it feels “absolutely incredible” to make it to the final.

Jaz sussed out Harry in episode nine of the show (BBC)
Jaz sussed out Harry in episode nine of the show (BBC)

When asked if he thought he’d make it to the final five, Jaz said: “To be honest, I tried to manifest the idea of me winning. I started the show not just to participate but I wanted to win. I really wanted to be a Traitor at first so it took me a while to adapt, believe in myself as a Faithful and think that I could go all the way.

“When your initial gameplan is geared towards being a Traitor, all of a sudden you have to switch it up and start believing in yourself as a Faithful. It took some time, but I started to work and graft to be the best Faithful. You really do need to graft as you have to always watch people, you need to be looking at everyone and listening to the conversations and absorbing everything as much as you possibly can. Whereas as a Traitor, all you have to do is lie,” he continued.

Jaz said that as a Faithful, player have to be “hypervigilant” in every moment, adding: “It’s all about getting the balance right at each and every opportunity that presents itself. So, I worked hard as a Faithful to find those Traitors and believed that I’d make it to this final. I’m so grateful it’s paid off but now let’s take it to the next level!”