Traitors on last killing: ‘It would be stupid to leave them in the final’

The Traitors star Zack has been murdered on the latest episode of the show, with one of his killers saying “it would be stupid to leave this person in the final”.

In the BBC One psychological reality programme, hosted by Claudia Winkleman, the secret traitors murder the faithful to get them closer to winning the prize money at the end of the show.

After being murdered, Zack, who instigated the move to get rid of traitor Ross on the last episode, said: “I knew I would be on the chopping block… (for) single-handedly finding a traitor.”

The Traitors
Jasmine was banished (Mark Mainz/Studio Lambert/BBC)

At the round table each week, the contestants determine who they think is a traitor and send them home – and on Thursday Jasmine was banished.

In the penultimate episode when Zack left the series, suspicions turned to traitor Andrew, a Welsh insurance broker, and faithful Jasmine, a sales executive, and veterinary nurse faithful Evie as possible contenders to be banished.

When she left the competition, Jasmine said: “It has been a journey, oh my god… love you all.”

Evie, who remained along with Andrew, was tearful as she had to have dinner with her fellow contestants – who had accused her of being a traitor.

However, she later joined them and said she wanted the prize money to be able to get a house with a garden.

The latest instalment also saw the remaining traitors begin to move against each other ahead of the final.

The Traitors
Zack, one of the contestants murdered in series two of The Traitors (Mark Mainz/Studio Lambert/BBC)

Andrew said he feels “like a dad to Harry” but knows he is in a “very strong position”, meaning he is unlikely to be banished by the faithful.

He also told faithful players Evie and Jaz that Harry would make a good traitor as there is no suspicion on him.

Jaz, who has long had suspicions about Harry, decided not to speak about them to anyone as he was concerned that the faithful would go after him.

Meanwhile, Harry also turned down £7,000 after he was given the option to keep the money rather than it forming part of the pot earned for the final.

He says he did it as his family would rather he took home the full amount than raise suspicions by taking the money.

If a traitor remains at the end of the competition, then they walk away with all the earnings.

No players will be murdered before the final.

The final episode of series two of The Traitors airs on Friday at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.