Travis Kelce gushes over Taylor Swift's achievements: 'She's amazing at what she does!'

Travis Kelce thinks Taylor Swift is "amazing" at what she does.
The 34-year-old footballer has been in a relationship with pop megastar Taylor - who is due to release her 11th studio album 'The Tortured Poets Department' on April 19 - for almost a year and is in awe of how she interprets music and how she has produced such an extensive back catalogue.
He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "It's definitely been fun to experience her taste in music, for sure. She's so amazing at what she does. And to find that creativity to see where she likes to pull things from and just, really, how she listens to music is very eye-opening for me. It's been fun to hear her take on it."
Taylor, 34, is currently in the midst of her mammoth 'Eras' world tour and Kansas City Chiefs star also gushed that the fact that Taylor has sold out four shows at the 90,000- seat Wembley Stadium - such will take place over the summer - is a "mind-blowing" achievement for her.
He said: "Man, I'll tell you what. The London shows, I think she's at Wembley eight times, which is mind-blowing that she can do that many shows in one stadium and fill that thing up. I played at Wembley once and I don't even think we filled that thing up.
Travis noted that the pair of them are both very "driven" in their individual careers and it has been "amazing" to have her support since they got together.
He said: "We're both very career-driven. We both love what we do, and any chance that I can show my support to her - and knowing that she's showing me all the support in the world throughout the season - it's just been an amazing experience getting to know."