Will Travis Kelce Propose? 10 Wacky Taylor Swift Super Bowl Bets Gambling Sites Are Actually Taking

Taylor Swift is expected to alight at the Super Bowl next Sunday — and gambling sites are ready for it.

Swift made Grammys history Sunday after “Midnights” won album of the year — her record-setting fourth win in the category. She also announced her next studio album, “The Tortured Poets Department.” Now, attention turns to the Super Bowl (Taylor’s Version), where her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, and the Kansas City Chiefs will take on the San Francisco 49ers on Feb. 11 in Las Vegas.

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Gambling sites are looking to capitalize on the buzz about Swift’s probable Super Bowl appearance with a series of “prop bets,” which refers to side wagers unrelated to the game itself. One of the most burning questions: Will Swift actually be able to make it to Vegas from her Feb. 10 tour date in Tokyo? (According to the math — and Japan’s embassy in the U.S.she can.)

The consensus appears to be that Swift will in fact be at the Super Bowl. But there are a number of other scenarios that bettors can put real money on. Those include how many times CBS will show her on camera during the telecast, what shade of lipstick she might be wearing, if she’ll endorse President Biden’s reelection (a conspiracy theory in some MAGA fever swamps) — and whether Kelce will propose to Swift after the game. In all, BetOnline, a gambling site based in Panama, has compiled 89 different Swift-related Super Bowl bets, which is a nod to her birth year and her album “1989.”

To be sure, most of the money wagered on the Super Bowl this year will be on the outcome of the game itself, not on such novelty bets. According to Legal Sports Report, Americans are projected to bet $1.3 billion on Super Bowl LVIII — which would be up nearly 20% from last year. Typically, gambling sites limit prop bets to maximums of $100 to $250 to “guard against bad actors,” per the New York Times.

Super Bowl prop bets historically have focused on the halftime show; this year, Usher will take the field. However, “the volume of bets on Taylor Swift props might — for at least this year — give the halftime show a literal run for its money in terms of betting volume,” Tim Williams, director of PR at Costa Rica-based BetUS, told Reuters.

According to ESPN, no major U.S. sportsbooks are offering prop wagers specifically related to Swift and the Super Bowl because most state gambling regulators prohibit such subjective bets. To place such prop bets, Americans would need to turn to online sportsbooks based outside the country, which are not regulated or licensed by U.S. authorities and may be illegal depending on the state, according to the American Gaming Association, a trade group representing the U.S. casino industry.

Here are the 10 weirdest Taylor Swift-Super Bowl bets that sites are actually accepting (along with current odds*):

  • Will Travis Kelce propose to Taylor Swift on field after the game? (Yes +1060; No -3000/FanDuel Canada)

  • Will Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift announce their first pregnancy at the Super Bowl? (Yes, +850/BetUs)

  • Will Taylor Swift be seen crying if Kansas City Chiefs lose Super Bowl LVIII? (Yes, +600/BetUS)

  • Will Taylor Swift endorse Joe Biden after game? (+1000/BetOnline)

  • Will Donald Trump mention Swift on Truth Social Feb. 11? (No, -500; Yes, +300/BetOnline)

  • How many times will Taylor Swift be shown on camera during the CBS Super Bowl telecast? (Over 5.5 times, -140; Less than 5.5 times, even/BetUS)

  • Will Taylor Swift be seen mouthing a curse word during the CBS Super Bowl telecast? (Yes, +300/BetUS)

  • Will Taylor Swift’s navel be shown on CBS? (Yes, +800; No, -2500/BetOnline)

  • Taylor Swift lipstick color at Super Bowl LVIII? (Red, -1800; Any other color, +700/BetUS)

  • Which will have more diamond carats? (Taylor Swift engagement ring, -10000; Chiefs Super Bowl ring, +1400/BetOnline)

* Odds with a plus sign (+) are the less probable outcome, with the number indicating payout for a $100 bet; odds with a negative sign (-) are more likely and indicate the wager amount needed to win $100

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