Trend Report: A Very Saturated Summer

Discover the bright looks three PEOPLE editors are loving this summer, inspired by GAP’s colorful new collection

Summer is the perfect time to shake up your wardrobe and take a few fashion risks. This year, three of our editors are giving their closets a major splash of color — but they’re doing it in their own way thanks to GAP’s bold summer collection. Read on to find out how.

Andrea Lavinthal, Style & Beauty Director

Style & Beauty Director Andrea Lavinthal loves to incorporate bright colors into her breezy summer wardrobe for a mood-boosting statement. She particularly loves styling the many shades of pink and yellow found in GAP’s latest collection.

“When it comes to incorporating bright color into my wardrobe, I’m of the ‘go big or go home’ mindset,” she says, describing her summer style as fun, colorful and cool. “I can’t wait to wear things like bold fuchsia tops with light-wash jeans or wide-leg pants.”

She also likes to keep her kids dressed in bright styles in the summertime — especially because they happen to love bold patterns, which makes the occasionally daunting task of getting her kids dressed that much easier.

“I like to switch it up for me and my kids depending on everyone's mood or what we have planned,” Lavinthal explains. “I want everything I wear to make me feel happy and carefree while also looking on-trend and chic. GAP’s new summer collection totally nails the vibe I’m going for.”

Shop pieces from GAP inspired by Andrea Lavinthal’s mood-boosting summer wardrobe:

Janine Rubenstein, Editor-at-Large

“This summer I will absolutely be leaning into the ultra-feminine floral trend that’s making its way from this year’s red carpets into mainstream style,” says Editor-at-Large Janine Rubenstein. “I’m already a girly girl, but I’m so excited to kick that up a notch this summer with styles from GAP.”

Bright colors are the key to Rubenstein’s wish for a joy-filled summer wardrobe that will keep her on-trend for everything from family vacations to days in the office. “Depending on the vibe I’m going for, I can go bright and bold or soft and sweet when it comes to the colors I usually wear,” she explains. “This summer, I'm excited to rock color-blocking styles that really make a statement, but also look clean and crisp.”

Rubenstein’s saturated summer style also extends to her two kids: “The easier it is to spot them in a crowd, I’m all for it,” she jokes. She also loves rocking mommy-and-me dress styles with her daughter, and her 8-year-old son is starting to become interested in fashion trends himself — which means he’s ended up with a playful, colorful wardrobe, too.

“Overall, my summer style is bold femininity set against a crisp clean canvas,” says Rubenstein. “Looking through the latest offerings from GAP, it’s not hard to find pieces that speak to the fierce, bright and fun me I want to be this summer.”

Shop pieces from GAP inspired by Janine Rubenstein’s bold, feminine summer favorites:

Leah Wyar, President, Entertainment, Beauty & Style Group

In keeping with her casual-chic, relaxed style, President of the Entertainment, Beauty & Style Group Leah Wyar is aiming for her wardrobe to be “strategically bright” this summer with help from GAP.

“Color can be hard for a New Yorker,” says Wyar, whose style typically revolves around comfy, ‘90s ‘It Girl’ essentials. “If I’m really going for it, I usually build the rest of my outfit in neutrals around the color."

For Wyar, this means rocking a mix of low-key yet vibrant pieces, like striped button-downs with a pop of color for layering, solid wardrobe essentials like T-shirts and tank tops in bright colors and bold accessories. “I’m loving the solid color saturation that’s happening right now,” she explains. “I’m an instant fan of anything in a rich blue or a very neon pink.” Wyar also loves incorporating pops of color into her looks through rocker tees — trendy items that have actually been staples in her wardrobe for years.

When it comes to dressing her kids, however, Wyar tends to stay away from seasonal trends. “I naturally gravitate towards anything that plays off a summer sport, like surfing, skateboarding or sailing, since we mostly live at the beach during the summer,” she explains, adding that GAP’s selection of summer T-shirts fits the bill perfectly.

Wyar’s style is a perfect example of how anyone can add color to their summer wardrobe with GAP’s new collection and still stay true to their style roots.

Shop pieces from GAP inspired by Leah Wyar’s laid-back style: 

Brighten up your wardrobe this summer with new arrivals from GAP.

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