Trevoh Chalobah partners with The Residency app

Trevoh Chalobah has become the first athlete to partner with The Residency app.
The Chelsea footballer is the first star to join the new app which enables fans to chat with their idols and get to know them on a personal level.
Fans will have the chance to play with or against sports stars and performing artists on in-app games, predict sports results together and hear their exclusive musings on their professional and personal lives.
The Residency differs from other social media apps as the stars are part of the community and participate as such.
The interactions will always be authentic as fans can see when stars log in and log out in real-time and The Residency ensures interactions take place in a fun, safe and monitored environment.
Chalobah said: "I was immediately impressed by what The Residency offers. It gives me the opportunity to interact with my fans in a much more natural way; both through the app and in-person, such as the recent game of laser tag that I hosted.
"It's been great to see my fanbase really adopt The Residency as their platform for getting closer access to me, as well as interact with each other."
Mathieu Golan, CEO and co-founder of The Residency, said: "We launched The Residency to imitate real-life and create a more personal experience between high-profile public figures and their fans.
"Our roster of stars can jump on the chat for a few minutes and talk with their fans, which makes it an incredibly authentic interaction. The demand for the app is growing, and we are continuing to secure long-term partnerships with more top athletes which will be announced in early 2023."