I tried the Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop Blur Smooth Tint Stick – these are my thoughts

fenty beauty eaze drop review
Fenty Beauty Foundation Stick reviewKeeks Reid/ Fenty Beauty

I think it’s something that started when I was little but I hate getting my hands dirty. Random, yes but it plays into my beauty life as I always wear cleansing cuffs (those scrunchie-like fluffy things that stop water dribbling down your arm when you wash your face) and I detest using my fingers to apply makeup. So, imagine my face when I’m given the brand new Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop Blur Smooth Tint Stick to test and am told that for the best finish, I *need* to use my hands. It was not feeling hopeful.

Basically, I love to do my makeup super quickly, and if I use sponges and brushes I don’t feel the need to wash or wipe my hands every few minutes. But after speaking with the makeup wizards at Fenty and given my love for Fenty Beauty (which runs deep and wide throughout the Cosmo Beauty team), I thought that this lil' stick had the potential to change my mind.

The Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop Blur Smooth Tint Stick sits with the original Eaze Drop tint in that it’s light coverage and also comes in 25 shades. So whatever shade you fit into for the liquid, you’ll likely be for the stick (for reference I'm shade 20). If your Fenty go-to is the Pro Filt’r Foundation (like Senior Beauty Writer, Charlotte), this might be a little too lightweight for you, but could work for a holiday or no-makeup-makeup look.

The reason using your fingers is encouraged is because of how creamy the formula is. Warming it up and spreading it with your fingers allows the blurring effect to really take hold but you can also use a damp sponge to work it in and it sets well too. And this is where I was really confused, I actually preferred using my fingers to work this stick into my skin over a sponge, it was quick and easy and gave an even, lightweight base.

But do bear in mind this isn’t for coverage, people – the coverage is almost imperceivable when blended in. I mean this in the best way; it’s kind of like a blurring filter IRL. The formula, though creamy, sets really well and despite my oily T-zone didn’t budge for a few hours when a little bit of shine began to peak through. This is normal for me and my combo skin though and a bit of powder did layer well on top without looking cakey.

A note on storage too, when you do purchase it, make sure you keep the little cap inside the lid, this is to keep it airtight and stop it from drying up prematurely. The more you know!

As an all-or-nothing girl, I wouldn’t naturally be drawn to a tint stick, but while I’m still clinging on to the remnants of my summer tan, I’ve really enjoyed wearing this for light coverage days to feel a little bit more put-together without overloading my skin with makeup, I mean, the unpredictable weather is already challenging it enough, right?

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