There’s a Truffle-Infused Face Mist Serum That Leaves Skin “Luminous,” Per Shoppers

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And it’s on sale.

My most salient truffle memory — if you’re partial to the funky fungi, you likely have one, too — is from a wedding I attended in Como a few years ago. A server placed a plate of perfect bucatini in front of me, and proceeded to shave thin slices of the ‘shroom, with the benevolence of an Olive Garden server cranking parmesan over an iceberg salad. I was in heaven.

Judging by Amazon shoppers’ rave reviews regarding a truffle-infused, Italian-borne face mist, I may have stumbled upon my next indulgence — and one that leaves skin glowing and hydrated in seconds, at that. Best of all, the mist is on sale for $32 — a mere fraction, costwise, of virtually any truffle-spiked delight at a restaurant. (Simply clip Amazon’s 29 percent off coupon to snag the deal at checkout.) While ingestible and spritz-able truffles are two very different forms of the delicacy, the latter offers benefits that are as divine for skin as edible truffles are for the palette.

<p>Soko Glam</p>

Soko Glam



The D'Alba Italian White Truffle Spray Serum is a mistable anti-aging serum infused with its titular ingredient, in addition to other skin hydrators and anti-aging extracts to promote a firmer, glowier complexion. The spray striates into two layers: the essence-like, watery serum layer, and a nutrient-dense, thin oil layer. A quick shake blends all the goodness together into an ultra-fine mist that delivers a dose of refreshing hydration in an instant. The spray can be worn alone, under makeup, or over makeup, and applied throughout the day as needed. Ideal for all skin types, including dry, oily, and sensitive, it’s formulated to feel gentle and soothe irritation.

Board-certified aesthetic nurse practitioner Limor Weinberg and founder of The Clinic tells InStyle that truffles offer a “treasure trove” of vitamins, minerals, and skin-supporting benefits. For one, “truffle mushrooms are rich in antioxidants,” Weinberg explains, “which can protect and repair skin,” in turn preventing premature skin aging and mitigating existing damage. Moreover, truffle offers anti-inflammatory properties, Weinberg notes, and can “soothe and calm irritated skin.”

The ingredient is also rich in vitamins B and D, Weinberg notes, plus “essential mineral selenium” — a blend that, ultimately, yields a “potent combination [of nutrients] that can infuse vitality into skin.” Finally, “B12 is also known to help prevent spots of hyperpigmentation from forming.”

From a sensorial standpoint, the serum feels lightweight and refreshing thanks to its ultra-fine, refreshing mist. Equally light is the scent: Created by a perfumer, it’s the brand’s signature scent, featuring “citrus and floral” notes — sans pungent, truffle-y accords.

One shopper calls the fragrance “heavenly,” adding that the mist feels “refreshing.” Moreover, they say it makes their skin “look luminous all day.” Another reviewer notes the serum gives them a “nice subtle glow” that makes skin “smooth.” Plus, it “sets makeup beautifully.”

For a nutrient-dense delicacy that delivers luminous, hydrated skin in an instant — shop the D'Alba Italian White Truffle Spray Serum at Amazon while it’s still on sale for $32. After all, one can never have too much truffle.

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