Trump attorneys request delay on enforcement of $355 million judgment payment

Former President Trump’s attorneys requested a 30-day extension Wednesday on the time frame to pay a $355 million business fraud verdict levied against him last week.

The attorneys argued that New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) is in an “unseemly rush” to enforce the verdict, “particularly given the magnitude of Judgment.”

Trump would have one month to come up with the funds to pay the verdict after it is enforced. The request Wednesday would delay the enforcement of the verdict itself by 30 days.

James previously threatened to seize some of Trump’s assets if he could not come up with the funds.

The $355 million verdict and additional $100 million in prejudgment interest handed down Friday are the largest financial penalty levied against Trump and his companies amid his various legal cases. Experts have speculated that the massive penalty could require Trump to sell some of his real estate empire.

In the fraud case, Trump was found to have falsely altered his net worth and the value of various properties to receive more favorable borrowing terms. New York state had argued he sent the false information to banks and insurers, which the state purported was evidence of fraud.

Trump was also banned from operating businesses in New York for three years as part of the verdict against him.

The former president has vowed to appeal the ruling.

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