Trump blames the ‘stench of McConnell’ for Republican candidate’s defeat

Former president Donald Trump insisted Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell was to blame for Republican gubernatorial candidate Daniel Cameron losing to his opponent on Tuesday night, claiming the relationship was “too much to bear” for voters.

“Daniel Cameron lost because he couldn’t alleviate the stench of Mitch McConnell,” Mr Trump wrote on Truth Social.

“I told him early that’s a big burden to overcome,” the ex-president said while adding that Mr McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader is “kryptonite” for GOP candidates.

Mr McConnell and Mr Cameron are close colleagues and allies. Many Republicans believed Mr Cameron’s campaign would be successful because he had the backing of Mr McConnell.

However, Mr Cameron lost to the Democrat incumbent Governor Andy Beshear.

Mr Trump endorsed Mr Cameron earlier this year – something once coveted by Republican candidates but which now appears to be losing its status. But the former president insisted it was his endorsement that helped Mr Cameron and Mr McConnell that led to his loss.

“I moved him up 25 Points, but the McConnell relationship was ‘too much to bear’” Mr Trump added.

However, other Republicans think Mr Cameron’s close ties to Mr Trump may have been his downfall.

Chris Christie, the former New Jersey governor and current 2024 candidate, said Mr Cameron “made a huge mistake” embracing Mr Trump.

“Cameron was a rising star in the Republican party until he decided to throw his lot in with Donald Trump,” Mr Christie told CNN

“Let’s face it, Donald Trump is political and electoral poison down the ballot,” he added.

In the midterm elections, approximately 82 per cent of the candidates Mr Trump endorsed succeeded, according to The New York Times. However, many of the endorsed candidates were incumbents who historically are favoured to win.

Of the candidates Mr Trump endorsed in competitive races, few succeeded.

The governor’s race in Kentucky was expected to be competitive. Though Mr Beshear is the incumbent he is a Democrat in a deeply conservative state.