The Truth About Neil Patrick Harris' Canned Espresso Martini

thomas ashbourne the after hours espresso martini
Neil Patrick Harris Launches An Espresso MartiniThomas Ashbourne

The espresso martini is one of the best drinks to start the night with, but not everyone wants to pull out a cocktail shaker. Enter The After Hours Espresso Martini. Dreamt up by Neil Patrick Harris, it's the latest canned cocktail to join the Thomas Ashbourne collection of celebrity-branded drinks, such as Sarah Jessica Parker's The Perfect Cosmo by SJP and Playboi Carti's The Hardscatto.

To Harris, the espresso martini is the perfect cocktail on-the-go. “You’ve got your alcohol, which makes it a party, and then you’ve got...caffeine that adds sort of an element of pep,” he said.

Harris worked with Thomas Ashbourne's Creative Cocktail Director and Master Mixologist, Nico de Soto, to develop the perfect espresso martini, which he said must be well-balanced and refreshing without tasting "chemically."

When it comes to the canned cocktail space, he’s often found drinks to taste like the cocktail, but their consistency is off. Whether it’s poured over ice or shaken in a cocktail shaker, Harris wanted his espresso martini to taste like the real thing.

"When you order an espresso martini at a bar, they have to make an actual espresso and so the flavor profile is very specific. And given that, you want to make sure you're replicating that experience when you're drinking it from a can or a bottle," said Harris. "But that's a bit subjective because some people love dark espresso, coffee flavor, and other people find that to be too strong."

Created with all-natural ingredients and premium vodka, the 24 proof martini boasts a 12 percent ABV. We were some of the first to try it, and let's just say it's boozy. While it's recommended to be shaken and poured over ice, we simply poured it over ice so it didn't get that airy body and frothy top—making it taste a little more like alcoholic cold brew. Of course, it's not going to taste just like one you ordered at a cocktail bar, but it's pretty darn close, and unlike many canned cocktails, this one doesn't have a strong artificial flavor.

“And while I wouldn’t say that this drink is middle of the road, I think that it will appeal to many different tastebuds.”

The After Hours Espresso Martini is available in a 375 ml bottle or 200 ml cans. It can be preordered through Thomas Ashbourne and will eventually make its way into stores.

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