TUI flight forced to make emergency landing as 'drunken' passenger dragged off plane

The flight was forced to divert to Newcastle due to the antics on board (PA Archive)
The flight was forced to divert to Newcastle due to the antics on board (PA Archive)

A flight from Glasgow was forced to make an emergency landing due to a disruptive “drunken” passenger on board, causing a delay of over 5 hours for hundreds of passengers.

Just 45 minutes after the TUI flight to Antalya, Turkey, took off from Glasgow airport, it had to divert to Newcastle following the issues on board.

The passenger, who was intoxicated, allegedly assaulted a member of the cabin crew on the TOM778 flight.

Police boarded the plane at Newcastle and removed the disruptive passenger, Glasgow Live reports.

Footage shared with the news site shows the man being dragged off the plane as hundreds of passengers watch on.

The incident meant holidaymakers were over five hours late to their destination.

One passenger said: “They were seen drunk while boarding the plane. He refused to surrender his own bottle of gin and became verbally abusive.

"An announcement was made 45 minutes after take-off that we were diverting with reason of unruly passenger. It took a further 45 minutes before we arrived at Newcastle, at around 7pm.

“Two police officers boarded the plane and handcuffed him but he became unsettled so two more officers came on board. His partner was also removed from the plane to a chorus of boos as she gave everyone the middle finger.”

TUI confirmed the flight departed Newcastle for Antalya at 10.50pm on Friday.

A spokesperson for TUI UK & I Spokesperson said: "We’d like to apologise to customers on TOM778 from Glasgow to Antalya, who were required to divert to Newcastle due to a disruptive passenger on board the flight.

"Our goal is to ensure customers have the best possible flight experience, so this is not the way we wanted their holiday to start.

The safety of our customers and crew is our number one priority and any unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated.

"The customer involved was offloaded from the aircraft and the flight was able to continue its journey.

"We have offered customers a gesture of goodwill in light of this disruption to the start of their holiday and to thank them for their patience and understanding."