Ukraine war in maps: Holding territory in Kherson region priority for Russian forces

Repelling Ukrainian attacks across the Dnipro River and holding territory in the occupied Kherson region remains a high-priority objective for Russian forces in Ukraine, according to the UK defence ministry in its daily intelligence update, adding that Russian forces in this area are under increased pressure to defend the occupied positions. As an indicator, the UK defence ministry refers to a change of military command.

As reported by Russian state-backed media, the deputy commander of Russian forces in Ukraine, Colonel General Mikhail Teplinsky, has likely personally taken over command of Russia’s Dnipro Grouping of Forces. The force is responsible for the occupied areas of the Kherson region, including the eastern bank of the Dnipro River.

The fighting here has intensified in recent weeks as Ukrainian forces have contested Russian control of the river’s eastern bank.

Ukrainian forces continue to hold positions on the east bank of the Kherson region.

Russian sources claimed that Ukrainian forces control central Krynky 30 kilometres east of Kherson City and might have marginally expanded their zone of control west of Krynky.

Geolocated footage confirms that Russian forces hold positions in forest areas east of Krynky.

Multiple Russian sources, including a Wagner Group-affiliated channel, have complained about Russian forces’ lack of counterbattery, electronic warfare and command and control capabilities in the Kherson direction, particularly near Krynky.