Ultrasound nails: celebrate your little one with this cute trend

instagram- ultrasound nails

When you’re getting ready to welcome your baby there are so many things to prepare. Designing and decorating a nursery, shopping for adorable baby clothes and hunting for the best stroller are just a few that are probably on your mind. Your list might be long but don’t forget to relax, take in the moment and pamper yourself with ultrasound nails.

Ultrasound nails (or sonogram nails) are the newest trend for expecting mamas. It’s a unique and fun way to celebrate your little one. The ultrasound photo is painted onto your nail. So, whether you’re getting a gel manicure or going for acrylics, just ask your nail technician to recreate the sonogram photo from your ultrasound on your nail.

This is not the trend we saw coming but darn if it isn’t cute! You can also get even more creative by painting the rest of your nails blue or pink for a unique gender reveal. Or, announce the baby name. There’s so much you can do.

Check out these Instagram photos showing off ultrasound nails from mamas who have already hopped on the trend.

7 inspiration photos for ultrasound nails

1. Just the initial

2. The perfect look for fall

3. Gender reveal ultrasound nails

4. It’s a boy!

5. Blue and pink and cute baby feet

6. It’s the happy uterus for me

7. Rainbow baby