Union leader endorsing Biden: ‘We’re not gonna waste a lot of time’ on Trump supporters

The president of North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU) said Wednesday his union will not “waste a lot of time” with supporters of former President Trump as it gives President Biden its endorsement.

“We’re not gonna waste a lot of time talking to every American that supports Donald Trump, and we’re not gonna waste a lot of time with some of our members that support Donald Trump, because we’re not gonna change their minds,” Sean McGarvey said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

The NABTU said in a press release that it would formally endorse the president and Vice President Harris at its annual national legislative conference. Biden is set to give remarks at a NABTU conference Wednesday.

“North America’s Building Trades Unions can honestly say no elected official has shown our members and their families more respect than President Joe Biden,” McGarvey said in the press release. “Through his policies and his personnel, President Biden has demonstrated his laser-like focus on not only rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure and manufacturing sector but rebuilding the American middle class itself.”

McGarvey said in the “Morning Joe” interview that his union is going to “concentrate” on “10 to 15 percent of our members who we can have a conversation with … explain to them the facts, give them the projects that they’re actually working on, the way they’re feeding their family today.”

“’You know how that project came about? It came about through three monumental pieces of legislation after he saved our pensions, that are now creating the biggest infrastructure boom this country has ever seen,’” McGarvey said, simulating a conversation with union members. “We call it the ‘infrastructure generation’ that Joe Biden’s creating.”

McGarvey also went after Trump in the press release, stating his union “took him at his word that he would have a worker-centered agenda and deliver on long-stalled issues such as infrastructure investment.”

“Instead of delivering, he aligned himself with his billionaire buddies to enact tax cuts that raised costs for our members,” McGarvey said of Trump. “Simply put, he failed to deliver. Given our experience and knowing his track record the choice is clear.”

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