Vanessa Lachey won't offer advice to Love Is Blind stars

Vanessa Lachey won't be giving "any advice" to the 'Love Is Blind' contestants.
The 43-year-old beauty co-hosts the hit Netflix show with her husband Nick Lachey - but Vanessa has insisted she won't be offering any words of wisdom to the contestants, as she's still "figuring it out" herself.
The TV star - who has Camden and Phoenix, as well as daughter Brooklyn with Nick - told PEOPLE: "I'm not giving any advice. I'm still figuring it out.
"You know, I'm still learning how to mom. My kids are seven, nine, and 11, and I love when I get the texts from the cast, or the DMs.
"We've all slipped into everyone's DMs and we get to communicate, and I'm just happy for all the alumni. That's crazy."
'Love Is Blind' brought back past contestants for the season six reunion, and Vanessa loved the concept, describing it as "really beautiful".
Meanwhile, Vanessa has insisted that she won't allow her children to use social media anytime soon.
Vanessa and Nick, 50, both have big followings on social media platforms - but she thinks it's too soon for her children to have their own accounts.
The actress - who has been married to Nick since 2011 - said: "I actually signed a pact when I was on the mainland with the school that we wouldn't let our kids have phones until they were in sixth grade. I've since left that school, but I still believe in that."
What's more, Vanessa doesn't even allow her kids to watch them on TV shows.
Vanessa - who has co-hosted 'Love Is Blind' since 2020 - simply said: "No, they don't watch our shows."