Vick Hope learned Spanish for a man she met on holiday

Vick Hope "fell in love" with a man who kept bringing her stones from the sea.
The 33-year-old radio presenter - who is engaged to superstar DJ Calvin Harris - recalled that she had been on a beach in South Africa when she met a man called Pedro but couldn't conserve with him because she didn't speak Spanish and eventually went to night school to study the language.
She said: "I remember being on a beach in Nicaragua [South America] and this guy called Pedro kept bringing me stones from the sea, and I fell in love! I couldn't talk to him because I didn't speak any Spanish at the time, and that was the moment that I made my resolve that I was going to learn Spanish, and from there I did. I campaigned at my school to get Spanish as a subject which eventually did happen, but after I left. So I went to night classes, got my A Level in it."
The BBC Radio 1 star went on to add that she always had Pedro "at the back of her mind" when she went on to study both French and Spanish at university and hopes that he is "still out there" giving stones to other women.
Speaking on the 'Joyride' podcast, she told hosts Jools Holland and Jim Moir: "All with Pedro at the back of my mind! I went to uni to study French Spanish... I've not seen Pedro since but I do speak Spanish now! I reckon he's still out there giving stones to other girls probably. "
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