Victoria Beckham's 'Painting by Numbers' Contour Trick Is Honestly Genius

 Victoria Beckham.
Victoria Beckham.

Have you ever wondered how Victoria Beckham gets such a sculpted jawline? You're in luck, because we finally have an answer that's not just "because she's Victoria Beckham."

The 49-year-old recently took to Instagram to share some of her favorite beauty tips, including her very specific contouring routine. In a video posted to Instagram on Sunday, January 14, celebrating the restock of Victoria Beckham Beauty's Contour Stylus, a fresh-faced Beckham carefully walked fans through her step-by-step process, sparing no detail or explanation.

"The reason I'm so excited about this contour is because we developed it in this very skinny, little component. I wanted to be able to hold it like a pen and literally be able to draw on my face," she shares.

Beckham starts by "slimming down her nose," adding two lines to either side of the feature. "I like to have two skinny lines going very slightly up into the brow, but not too much because it can make you look angry," she says.

Next, she heads to the cheekbones, adding a couple slight lines under the bone itself. Two "crosses" applied to her forehead offer a natural shadow to raise the cheekbones, while a swipe under the jaw and a dusting under the eye add some "natural shading."

"I look a bit crazy, but I wanted you to see. This is what I do," Beckham says in the clip.

When it comes to blending, the fashion designer uses both a brush and her finger, depending on the area of the face she's working on. With the buffing underway, viewers could watch magic happen in real time, as Beckham's already stellar cheekbones transformed into something even sharper.

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"PAINTING BY NUMBERS! I wanted a contour product that felt like a pen, so I could simply draw and blend, it is so easy to use," wrote the Wannabe singer alongside the video. "This is my morning routine."

Naturally, the post's comment section was full of fans asking Beckham questions—from where she got her robe to which color she painted her bathroom. Others chose to compliment the star, noting that they never enjoyed a makeup tutorial until she came along.

"Loved it! First ever makeup tutorial I've [watched] and now I want to watch more of her videos. Have struggled with contouring," wrote one commenter in particular.

Just one day later, Beckham delivered, sharing her favorite "lip trick" that also features the Contour Stylus.

"I use a lighter shade of Victoria Beckham Beauty CONTOUR STYLUS around my mouth, with a gentle application as this gives the illusion of a fuller pout and acts as a great base for my lip colour, my current favourite is POSH LIPSTICK in TWIST," she wrote. "Kisses xx."

Contour Stylus
Contour Stylus

Contour Stylus