Victoria's Secret Fashion Show returning with 'new version' after 4-year hiatus

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is returning after a four-year hiatus.
The lingerie brand's chief financial officer Timothy Johnson has revealed a "new version" of the show will arrive later in 2023.
Speaking in the company's fourth quarter 2022 earnings call, he said: "We're going to continue to lean into the marketing spend to invest in the business, both at top of funnel, and also to support the new version of our fashion show, which is to come later this year."
A spokesperson for Victoria's Secret Co. has since insisted the brand is committed to championing women, and insisted they are "always innovating and ideating in all spheres of the business to continue to put our customer at the centre of all we do".
They added to PEOPLE: "As we've previously shared, our new brand projection and mission will continue to be our guiding principle.
"This will lead us into new spaces like reclaiming one of our best marketing and entertainment properties to date and turning it on its head to reflect who we are today. We're excited to share more later this year."
The annual promotional event ran from 1995 to 2018 and featured Victoria's Secret Angels, models who were under contract to the company.
But in June 2021, the company confirmed it was moving away from the Angels concept.
After facing criticism over a lack of diversity with its selection of Angels over the years, the company announced it was rebranding and announced The VS Collective, made up of spokespersons including actress Priyanka Chopra, model and skier Eileen Gu, plus-size beauty Paloma Elsesser, and Brazilian model Valentina Sampaio.
'Baywatch' star Priyanka said at the time: "As we work together to chart the path forward in a new and impactful way, I'm not only looking forward to developing future collections that are inclusive of all people, but I am most excited for new customers and for those who have always been a customer of Victoria's Secret to feel represented and like they belong."
CEO Martin Waters said it's a "dramatic shift" as the brand turns the focus on what women want and need.
He said in a statement: "At Victoria's Secret, we are on an incredible journey to become the world's leading advocate for women. This is a dramatic shift for our brand, and it's a shift that we embrace from our core.
"These new initiatives are just the beginning. We are energised and humbled by the work ahead of us."