“The View” probes Elizabeth Hurley on son directing her sex scene with a woman: 'He's a director, not a pervert'

“The View” probes Elizabeth Hurley on son directing her sex scene with a woman: 'He's a director, not a pervert'

"Was she easy to direct?" Joy Behar asked Hurley and her son, Damian. "Or was it like, 'Come on, kiss her harder!'"

One year after The View sprung a nude photo of Josh Brolin to his father, James Brolin, on a live broadcast, cohost Joy Behar probed director-star and mother-son duo Damian and Elizabeth Hurley on filming a sex scene for their new movie Strictly Confidential.

"There's been a lot of talk about how Damian has directed you in this film, which he wrote," the 81-year-old comedian said as the pair appeared on the show to promote the film. "Including some, how should we put it, hot scenes ... with another woman, by the way."

Elizabeth responded to the inquiry by noting that "the important thing is that he was directing me in those scenes, not sneaking into my bedroom with a video camera. We were on a set and they were grown-up."

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'Strictly Confidential'

Behar then quipped that "he's a director, not a pervert," before Hurley further clarified that she "felt really comfortable" with her 22-year-old son behind the camera for the intimate sequence — which, as Damian revealed, didn't involve an intimacy coordinator on the set of the independent production.

"With Damian behind the camera, I felt really safe, because I knew he'd really look out for me, look after me, both on the set, in the edit, in the post, and I felt for the first time actually ever doing a scene like that, I knew that he'd be true to what we knew we were shooting," Elizabeth added, as Behar began to speak before she finished her sentence: "Was she easy to direct, or was it like, 'Come on, kiss her harder,'" Behar asked.

"Our only thought, and everyone is making a massive deal about this, but our only thought at the time was it was one of nine scenes we were shooting that day, it was just, don't lose the light, make the scene as beautiful as possible and go on," Damian said, also indicating that he insisted on a closed set for the scenes. "It wasn't until now that we're like, oh, should we have given that more thought?"

Inspired by his experience in grieving two suicides in his life — including a childhood friend as well as his father, Steve Bing — Damian's Strictly Confidential stars Georgia Lock as Mia, a woman traveling to the Caribbean house that once belonged to a friend who committed suicide one year earlier. While there, Mia discovers that the young woman's family harbors dark secrets that may reveal the truth behind her friend's death.

Strictly Confidential premieres Friday in limited theatrical release. The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.

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