This viral baby dance class to Doja Cat is mesmerizing

Many moms-to-be make lofty postpartum workout goals in their heads before giving birth, but after that baby comes reality sinks in. First of all, finding the time to exercise with a new baby is nearly impossible. And if you can, then you have to muster the energy for a workout. Oh yeah, also your body is healing from DELIVERING A BABY so there are physical restrictions, too. (There are also plenty of weird things your body does after having a baby that are not often discussed.)

TL;DR: It’s extremely difficult to exercise after having a baby, let alone get back into a workout routine.

Thankfully, there are classes dedicated to new parents in this predicament, and Flux + Flow dance studio in Columbus, Ohio recently went viral on Instagram after sharing a clip of their Baby Dance Club getting down to Doja Cat’s “Paint The Town Red.”

“Baby Dance Club


is a 30 minute dance class for the parents and caregivers of babies 0-8 months old and their babies! The class is designed to create community and joy for adult participants while providing tools to connect with babies through dance,” the studio captioned its reel. “No baby music here! We’ll have a fun upbeat playlist to get us dancing and laughing. The class has seated alternatives. We understand that people who have given birth may need to modify and take breaks and that will be encouraged and celebrated.”

If this sounds like the dream class for you but you don’t live in Columbus, fear not! Flux + Flow also offers virtual classes. “In person classes happen at our studio in Columbus, Ohio but every class is streamed virtually so you can join us from anywhere in the world!” the caption states.

The routine truly looks mesmerizing, both for the caregivers and the babies. There’s not a single squirmy or crying kiddo in the video!

Dance is just one form of effective postpartum exercise. If you’re interested in working out with your baby but don’t think dance is the right routine for you, there are great ways to get your fitness on while taking your baby out for some fresh air in a stroller. There are also a variety of workouts you can do at home with your baby ranging from stretches and yoga to full body strengthening. No matter what method of postpartum exercise you plan to engage in, remember to get the green light from your doctor or midwife first.