I Can Walk for Miles in These $70 Classic White Sneakers That Kim Kardashian and Harry Styles Own

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They're elegant enough to wear to the office, too

<p>People / Reese Herrington</p>

People / Reese Herrington

Just like the little black dress, simple white sneakers are a wardrobe workhorse that have stood the test of time. And when I finally found the perfect pair a few years ago, getting dressed got a whole lot easier.

Thanks to my job as a shopping reporter, I’ve discovered dozens of gems by covering celebrity fashion, including Vans’ Old Skool shoes. The sneakers are elevated and incredibly comfortable, making them my go-to for work, weekend fun, travel, errands, and more. Now I wear one of my four pairs daily, and I plan to collect a few more.



Buy It! Vans Old Skool Shoes, $74.95; zappos.com

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The shoes, which were originally designed for skateboarding, were launched in 1977. Their durable materials and grippy soles made them ideal for the sport, but since their debut, they’ve become popular beyond the skateboarding community.

In fact, A-Listers have been wearing them for years. Celebs like Kristen Bell, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Harry Styles, and Emily Ratajkowski have been spotted wearing the style in the last two years, according to Vans.

As someone who walks almost everywhere, including to the office, I can’t tolerate painful high heels, unsupportive flip-flops, or any kind of shoe that requires breaking in. Occasionally I’ll opt for supportive sandals or ballet flats, but sneakers — particularly the Old Skools — are always my first choice.

The look of the Old Skool is pretty simple, featuring a plain, unadorned canvas except for one line dubbed the “Sidestripe” that runs from the middle of the shoe to the sole. There’s no large logo or any kind of embellishment. Instead, the sneakers offer a clean, minimalist look that make them versatile and easy to mix and match. I’ve worn them with casual outfits, including gym clothes, as well as polished skirts, dresses, and blazers in professional settings.

The only thing I love more than their unfussy look is their comfortable feel. The shoes come with padding around the ankles to prevent blisters, canvas that stretches (with time) to the shape of your foot, and a rubber sole that offers grip and prevents slips. The shoes feel comfy straight out of the box, and they’re offered in wide sizes too in case you want some extra wiggle room.



Buy It! Vans Old Skool Shoes, $70; vans.com

Because of their cushy feel, I always pack them when traveling. While visiting Paris, London, and Los Angeles, I wore them to sightsee, racking up several miles in a given day with no pain or blisters.

They supported my feet while climbing the steps up the Arc de Triomphe and logging a record-breaking number of steps around Versailles. I’ve also worn them to stroll around Disneyland, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Buckingham Palace.

While the plain white is my go-to, I also own them in a few more colors and patterns. They’re offered in dozens of hues and prints at various retailers, including classic navy and punchy pink. You can also design custom looks at Vans.com. I’ve done this twice to create more unique and funky designs that feel more fun than my classic white ones.

To my surprise, my original Old Skools held up for over three years. A couple of times a year I’ll treat myself to a fresh pair if a newly released color or pattern catches my eye, but I still wear the white ones most of the time. And now that I know what shoes I’m wearing every day, I have one less thing to think about, which means getting dressed is easier.

Get yourself a pair at Zappos, Vans, Amazon, or Nordstrom, and you won’t have to think about what you’re going to wear with dresses, leggings, shorts, and all kinds of clothes this summer.



Buy It! Vans Old Skool Shoes, $65–$69.95; nordstrom.com

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