Watch: China's state TV debuts its first AI-generated cartoon series


China’s state TV recently debuted the country's first animation series made with artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Key points:

  • On Feb. 26, state broadcaster China Media Group (CMG) began airing “Qianqiu Shisong,” a 26-episode series showcasing classical Chinese poetry and narratives, reported the South China Morning Post.

  • CMG Media GPT, an AI model co-developed by SMG and the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL), integrates generative AI tools into each episode spanning approximately 7 minutes.

  • The move aligns with China's broader initiative to incorporate AI across state-owned enterprises.

The details:

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  • CMG Media GPT is a text-to-video tool similar to OpenAI’s Sora, which was trained on vast video and audio datasets. The tool generated the show’s artwork in a style that is reminiscent of ink-wash paintings and ancient architectural designs.

  • The show’s launch coincided with the inauguration of CMG and SAIL's AI studio, highlighting a strategic investment in AI-driven content creation.

  • In a statement, Shen Haixiong, head of CMG, urged wider AI adoption to build the next generation of media platforms: “We will delve deeper into technological innovation, embrace the internet and AI … [and] build a ‘powerful engine’ and ‘driving force’ for a new type of international mainstream media.”

  • China's State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission has been encouraging central state-owned enterprises (SOEs) to prioritize AI implementation. While the state-owned CMG Group is not a central SOE, it joins other Chinese companies, including Big Tech firms, in embracing AI.

  • The substantial assets of central SOEs worth 86.6 trillion yuan ($12 trillion) and the growing market value of China-listed internet firms focused on AI worth 11.1 trillion yuan ($1.54 trillion) underscore the scale of China's investment in the sector.


  • The Chinese Ministry of Industry issued its draft guidelines for AI industry standardization in January, underscoring China's commitment to advancing AI technology. In November 2023, the Beijing Internet Court ruled on the copyrightability of AI-generated images, setting a precedent in Chinese law. The court affirmed that AI-generated images are copyrightable works of human authorship, provided there is significant human involvement in their creation process.

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