You Can Watch Every Single Episode of Bob Ross’s ‘The Joy of Painting’ for Free

Kelly Allen
·1-min read
Photo credit: Bob Ross/YouTube
Photo credit: Bob Ross/YouTube

From Cosmopolitan

When The Joy of Painting first aired on public television back in 1983, the legendary late painter Bob Ross taught the world that you don’t have to be blessed by Michelangelo at birth to be able to paint a picture. He wanted everyone to know and believe that they could easily make art. Fortunately, we can still benefit from his mindset because every single episode of his painting show is free to watch online.

On Bob’s YouTube page, you can find all 31 seasons of his show, encompassing a total of 403 roughly 30-minute episodes. For the uninitiated: Each episode features Bob painting a different scene while he goes over the techniques and materials you need to paint along. Most of his work features nature scenes like a walk in the woods or a view from a creek.

Not only are Bob’s videos a great way to pass the time when you’ve run out of options on Netflix, but you could, in theory, create 403 paintings right along with him too. Talk about new decor—or a stockpile of presents for your loved ones (for their birthdays, holidays, and every other foreseeable gift-giving occasion).

Not to mention that listening to Bob as he paints a picture is extremely therapeutic. If you’re highly anxious or just overall exhausted, his videos can offer you a calming effect that’s as reliable as a weighted blanket.

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