Watch Jerry O'Connell get pranked by “The Talk” cohost: 'I'm too old for this stuff'

Akbar Gbajabiamila finally exacted his revenge against O'Connell on April Fools' Day, after plotting for two years.

You're never too old to get pranked.

That's what Jerry O'Connell learned on Monday, also April Fools' Day, when Akbar Gbajabiamila, his cohost on The Talk, finally took revenge for a gag O'Connell pulled on him two years ago.

Gbajabiamila set up the segment with a behind-the-scenes video, saying, "It's payback time." They first showed the prank from two years ago, during which O'Connell dressed up as a product model and gave Gbajabiamila a full-on jump scare when he came at him.

<p>CBS</p> Jerry O'Connell on 'The Talk'


Jerry O'Connell on 'The Talk'

"You guys know I love a good prank, and two years ago, Jerry got me good," Gbajabiamila said. "He got me real good."

After waiting patiently for his moment, Gbajabiamila set up hidden cameras all throughout the dressing room where the Talk cohosts hold their daily meeting. He showed viewers the various angles they'd installed cameras, including one camouflaged in a fake tree in the corner.

Gbajabiamila then hid under the couch cushions, waiting for O'Connell to arrive at the meeting. O'Connell was late, having slept through his alarm. He blearily explained his tardiness to his fellow cohosts when Gbajabiamila threw the cushion off, jumped out, and scared O'Connell half to death, causing him to unleash a series of bleeped remarks.

"What if I never showed up?" a stunned O'Connell said, pondering whether Gbajabiamila would have remained hidden under the couch indefinitely. "I got very scared, and I s--- myself."

Gbajabiamila ribbed O'Connell, saying he was hoping the host was holding a coffee to spill all over himself. No such luck, though O'Connell did give us his best Lethal Weapon, telling the room, "I'm too old for this stuff."

The cameras then cut back to the hosts in studio, with O'Connell still clutching his chest in mock pain. "It's springtime, I wanted to spring up and get you," Gbajabiamila joked, adding that he had planned a prank last year but had to cancel at the last minute.

Natalie Morales then suggested that this could become an ongoing back-and-forth between the two, even throwing out the idea that it was time for some of the female cohosts to get in on the action. But Gbajabiamila insisted there wouldn't be a next time. "You got me once, you ain't getting me twice," he promised.

Watch the video above for more.

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