Watch live: Biden attends National Prayer Breakfast on Capitol Hill

Watch live as Joe Biden attends the National Prayer Breakfast on Capitol Hill.

Top US Leaders, including the President, gathered on Thursday 01 February, for the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, which has been attended by every president since Dwight Eisenhower in 1953.

This year’s breakfast is being held against the backdrop of multiple global conflicts, including the wars in Ukraine and Gaza.

Biden focused on unity in his remarks at last year’s event, referencing the pandemic’s death toll, gun violence, police brutality, and the looming threat of climate change.

“My prayer for this prayer breakfast is we start to see each other again, look at each other again, travel with each other again, argue like hell with each other again, but then still go to lunch together,” Biden said at the 2023 breakfast.

The event is organized by the nonprofit National Prayer Breakfast Foundation, which says that all faiths are welcome.