Watch again: Brazil Carnival 2024 celebrations as Cordao de Boitata delight revellers in Rio de Janeiro

Watch Brazil Carnival 2024 celebrations again as band Cordao de Boitata delighted revellers in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday (11 February).

Cordao de Boitata, a traditional band from Brazil, entertained people at the much-anticipated Carnival street party.

Saturday saw people gather at Leme Beach in Rio de Janeiro for the Bloco street party.

The Carnival returned to full capacity last year after two years of reduced affairs, with no block parties, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Block parties mostly feature samba music but other bands will play Marchinhas (polka-like music).

This year’s event takes place from 9 to 17 February.

Block parties take place before the official events of the carnival, and are more casual than the parades in the Sambadrome.

They can sometimes start as early as January and run after the official carnival events have ended.