Watch as David Cameron questioned on Gaza ceasefire in House of Lords

Watch as David Cameron takes questions in the House of Lords on Tuesday 16 January.

The foreign secretary will be questioned on a range of topics, including how a lasting ceasefire arrangement between Israel and Gaza can be secured.

Lord Cameron will be speaking in parliament after Rishi Sunak warned yesterday that the government remains “prepared to back our words with actions”, as missile attacks continued in the Red Sea despite last week’s air strikes against Houthi rebels.

“The threats to shipping must cease. Illegally detained vessels and crews must be released. And we remain prepared to back our words with actions,” the prime minister told the House of Commons.

The UK joined the US in targeting Houthi locations in Yemen last week as part of efforts to ensure international cargo vessels can travel through the vital shipping route after assaults by the Iran-backed militants.

It is the latest clash during trouble sparked by the Israel-Hamas conflict.