Watch as funeral of Iran president Ebrahim Rasi held after fatal helicopter crash

Watch on Tuesday 21 May, as the funeral of Iranpresident Ebrahim Rasi is held following his death in a helicopter crash.

The Iranian president, the country’s foreign minister and several other officials were found dead on Monday, hours after their helicopter crashed in a foggy, mountainous region of the country’s northwest, Iran state media reported.

Thousands of mourners have descended on Tabriz ahead of Ebrahim Raisi's funeral - which starts this morning and lasts several days.

Some have come clutching photos of the late Iranian president, while others carried Palestinian flags

Iran will hold an election on 28 June to find the successor for president Ebrahim Raisi following his death.

The date was finalised in a meeting chaired by interim president Mohammad Mokhber on Monday evening.

The registration of candidates will be open from 30 May to 3 June, with the campaign period running from 12 to 27 June.

The Islamic Republic’s constitution directs that in the event the president dies or is incapacitated, the first vice president shall take over for an interim period of 50 days.

During that time the acting president must work with the speaker of parliament and the head of the judiciary to arrange for an urgent presidential election to be held.