Watch again: Haley speaks at campaign rally ahead of New Hampshire primary

Watch again as Nikki Haley speaks at a 2024 presidential campaign event in Salem on Monday, 22 January, ahead of the New Hampshire primary.

The speech came as Donald Trump opened up an 11 percentage point lead over his rival for the Republican presidential nomination, according to the latest poll from CNN and the University of New Hampshire.

It follows Ron DeSantis's announcement on Sunday that he was suspending his campaign and endorsing Mr Trump.

The Florida governor finished second in Iowa but said he had “no clear path" to victory in New Hampshire, leaving Mr Trump and Ms Haley to go head-to-head for their party’s presidential nomination.

Most New Hampshire polls will close at 7pm on Tuesday, with others closing 7.30pm and a few at 8pm.

Dixville Notch is expected to announce its results first, with its voters showing up to the polls at midnight and the results being shared shortly afterward on the morning of primary day before the polls open elsewhere in the state.