Watch as Sunak updates MPs on Houthi strikes in Yemen

Watch as Rishi Sunak delivers a statement on fresh strikes against Yemen’s Houthis on Tuesday 23 January.

The latest round of UK and allied strikes against Houthi targets was designed to “send the clearest possible message” to the rebels that attacks on cargo ships are “unacceptable”, foreign secretary David Cameron said.

Britain joined the US in carrying out a fresh set of joint air strikes in Yemen in response to the rebels targeting international shipping along vital Red Sea and Gulf of Aden trade routes.

Lord Cameron said UK armed forces will “continue to degrade” the Houthis’ ability to carry out attacks as long as their “completely indiscriminate” campaign of harassment in the Middle East continues.

London and Washington targeted rebel sites overnight on 11-12 January, with further US attacks in recent days.

Mr Sunak is set to update MPs during an appearance in the House of Commons on Tuesday.