Watch live: Trump expected to attend court for second E Jean Carroll defamation trial hours after Iowa caucus win

Watch live as Donald Trump is expected to appear at a New York City federal courthouse on Tuesday, 16 January, for a trial to determine the damages he owes columnist E Jean Carroll after defaming her.

It comes around four months after Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled that the former president defamed Ms Carroll in 2019 when he denied sexually assaulting her in the dressing room of a Bergdorf Goodmans in the mid-1990s.

The trial is taking place hours after the Republican was named the overwhelming winner of the Iowa caucuses on Monday night.

It will focus on the damages that Mr Trump owes Ms Carroll for making the defamatory statements.

In the previous defamation trial, the jury found that Mr Trump was liable for sexual abuse (but not rape) as well as defamation and awarded Ms Carroll $5m.

In this case, Ms Carroll must show a jury what damages, if any, Mr Trump owes her for claiming he had never met her, she was not his type, and that her allegations of rape were false.