Watch Michelle Yeoh And Brie Larson Dancing On Chairs Together During A Cannes Dinner Party

michelle yeoh brie larson dancing cannes
Watch Michelle Yeoh & Brie Larson Dance At Dinner Getty Images

Put the red carpet aside for a moment because Oscar winners Michelle Yeoh and Brie Larson have been spotted dancing up a storm during the Cannes Film Festival.

In a viral video clip the actors can be seen swirling their arms and swaying their hips as they dance to live jazz music at the Kering Women in Motion Dinner party, which was held on Sunday, May 21.

The pair are seemingly stood on chairs in front of the candlelit dinner table and face each other as musicians play saxophones around them.

Yeoh takes a sip from her wine glass in between her happy display of jazz hands, which she uses to cheer on a musician at the party.

For the occasion, Yeoh wore an elegant sculpted gown with a fluid hemline that allowed for plenty of movement, white opera gloves and knife-pointed heels. She had her hair scraped back and finished the look with stunning emerald jewellery.

Larson, meanwhile, wore a gauzy ruffled dress with peplum detail and a silk organza feathered cape from Chanel’s SS23 collection.

Since the clip was shared, fans have gone wild in the comments section to Yeoh's post of the video, with one writing: ‘This is like a scene from a movie.’

Another wrote: ‘I need to see a dance off.’

Upon being honoured with Kering’s Women in Motion Award, Yeoh gave an empowering and heartwarming speech in which she said: ‘I have watched the currents throughout my entire career, and I am watching the tides turn now.

‘For too long we as women have been left out of rooms and conversations. We have been told the door is closed to us.

michelle yeoh brie larson dancing cannes
Mike Marsland - Getty Images

‘Well, Virginia Woolf once said, “There is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”’

She concluded her speech by addressing the future for women in film: ‘There is still work to do. We have a long way to go before we can say we are on equal footing,’ she said.

michelle yeoh brie larson dancing cannes
Mike Marsland - Getty Images

‘So what I would like to say is keep fighting, keep pushing, keep telling your stories. Your voices are important and your vision is vital.’

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